How Egyptian Qari Ahmed Nuaina Learned Quran

22:19 - April 07, 2024
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IQNA – Prominent Egyptian qari Sheikh Ahmed Ahmed Nuaina talked about how he learned the Quran at an early age.

Egyptian qari Sheikh Ahmed Ahmed Nuaina


Speaking at the Malakut al-Darawish program aired on Al-Hayat TV channel recently, he said he first started learning the Quran in his home village, reading five Juzes (parts) of the Quran every day. 

He said he continues to read five Juzes of the Holy Book today.  

He then began learning both Quran memorization and recitation with a female Quran memorizer named Shaikha Umm Saad.

He said she taught the Quran at the Saydi Mursi Abul Abbas Mosque in Alexandria, Egypt Today reported.

Her husband Sheikh Muhammad Farid Numan had also learned the Quran with Shaikha Umm Saad, Nuaina noted.

He said the female memorizer of the Quran was also an expert in the ten styles of recitation.

He noted that in the past, women played a major role in teaching the Quran in Egypt but now it has changed.

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The Al-Hayat TV’s Malakut al-Darawish program has featured some of the most renowned Egyptian qaris and Ibtihal reciters in recent months.