Korean Muslim Convert to Build Mosque in Incheon

10:10 - April 14, 2024
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IQNA – Daud Kim, a renowned South Korean pop artist and YouTuber who embraced Islam in 2019, has embarked on a project to construct a mosque in Incheon, South Korea.

Daud Kim, a famous South Korean pop singer and YouTuber


Kim, formerly known as Jay Kim, revealed his plans on Instagram, showcasing the plot of land acquired for the mosque alongside the purchase contract.

Expressing his aspirations, Kim stated, "I finally bought land for a mosque in Korea," and shared his vision of a future where "every street in Korea is filled with the beautiful Azan."

He intends to establish not only a place of worship but also an Islamic podcast studio dedicated to Da'wah, aiming to reach out to the Korean community.

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Acknowledging the challenges ahead, Kim remains optimistic about the initiative but mentioned the need for financial support to realize the construction of the mosque. He has opened a channel for donations to aid in the completion of the project.

In South Korea, Muslims constitute a small fraction of the population, predominantly comprising expatriates like migrant workers and international students. The country's first mosque, the Seoul Central Mosque, was established in 1976, and since then, the number of mosques has grown to include 15 officially registered mosques and an estimated 150 to 200 musalla, serving as smaller venues for worship. Kim's contribution marks a significant addition to the Islamic infrastructure in the nation.

Kim, who used to go by the name Jay Kim, embraced Islam in September 2019 and announced his conversion in a YouTube video.


Source: Agencies