Lebanese Christian Thinker Says He Got More Interested in Christianity after Reading Quran

22:28 - April 14, 2024
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IQNA – Michel Salim Kaadi, a Lebanese Christian thinker and literary figure, says he got more interested in Christianity after reading the Holy Quran.

Lebanese Christian thinker and literary figure Michel Salim Kaadi



Born in 1944 into a Christian family in Lebanon, Kaadi has studied Christian theology, has a PhD in Arabic language and literature and also has a journalism degree from the University of Cairo.

Known as a thinker, philosopher, poet, and linguist, he currently teaches at universities in Beirut.

He is also a devotee of the Ahl-ul-Bayt (AS) and has written a lot of works about the Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) family and descendants. He has described Imam Ali (AS) as the greatest blessing of God and Hazrat Zahra (SA) as the embodiment of sanctity and believes that the religion of Islam owes its survival to the urprising of Imam Hussein (AS).

Kaadi also lauds the Islamic Revolution of Iran as a global model for defending nations’ rights.  

In 2021, he was honored by the Iranian Cultural Center in Beirut for his numerous works about Ahl-ul-Bayt (AS).

In an interview with IQNA, he talked about his views about the Quran and Ahl-ul-Bayt (AS) and the need for dialogue between Islam and Christianity.

Kaadi said that when he studied at the Vatican, he chose the Seerah of Imam Ali (AS) as subject of his PhD dissertation at the recommendation of his father.

He noted that while approving the dissertation subject would take some six months, his dissertation was given the go ahead in just 48 hours.

Referring to his study of the Quran, Kaadi said when a Christian cleric reads Islam’s Holy Book, he realizes the close relation between the two religions.

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“Studying the Quran made me more interested in Christianity than before,” he noted.

He said he has read the entire Quran seven times, urging all Muslims to read and contemplate their Holy Book as well.

“The Quran is the book that let me know Christianity. You can read the view of the Quran about Jesus Christ (AS) in Surahs Maryam, Al Imran, Al-Maedah, At-Tawbah and Yusuf. The Quran says that Jesus (AS) gave the good news of the Bi’thah of Muhammad (PBUH) and Islam’s Prophet (PBUH) held Jesus (AS) in high reverence. There were no differences between the two (divine messengers). You are Muslims and so are we.”

As for his view about Ahl-ul-Bayt (AS), he said he holds them in high respect.

He said there is great closeness between Imam Ali (AS) and Jesus (AS). He also said that one should learn from the dignity, knowledge and eloquence of Hazrat Zahra (AS).

Lebanese Christian Thinker Says He Got More Interested in Christianity after Reading Quran

Kaadi further said he has known Christianity’s greatness via the words of Imam Hussein (AS) just as he has learned patience, bravery from the third Imam (AS).

Referring to the books he has written about the Seerah of Ahl-ul-Bayt (AS), Kaadi said he has penned the works with love and great enthusiasm as the Shia Imams (AS) are eternal role models for the entire humanity.

Asked about dialogue between Islam and Christianity, the Lebanese thinker said there are many commonalities between the two religions, especially between Shia Islam and Catholicism, which could be a basis for coexistence, dialogue, cooperation and peace.