UK: Luton Foodbank Receives Massive Donation from Local Mosque

22:19 - April 15, 2024
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IQNA – A foodbank in Luton has been given a huge boost to its dwindling stocks after a mosque in the town donated over 10,000 items of food to feed those in need.

UK: Luton Foodbank Receives Massive Donation from Local Mosque


Each year, Masjid-e-Ali, a mosque in Maidenhall, gives out free food to charities and feeds hundreds through its charitable efforts. And this year was no different. In March, the Luton Foodbank shared an emotional appeal for donations, fearing they would be out of food by the end of the month.

Luton Foodbank volunteer, Paul Turvey, showed the inside of the almost bare stockroom, and said: “We have never ever got this low through the years that we’ve been here, that’s all they have. We have no tinned vegetables, hardly any baked beans, no meat.”

But thanks to Masjid-e-Ali, the charity can now give out food parcels to the people in Luton who need it most. In a more cheerful update, Paul said: “We have just received 10,000 plus data-x-items from them. Thank you very much indeed, we really appreciate it and we really, really need this food. And every year, they never let us down.”

President of Masjid-e-Ali, Syed Rahat Gilani, said: “This initiative to support Noah Soup Kitchen and Luton Foodbank has been spearheaded by one of our respected community members, Imran Shah, who leads this initiative annually in the month of Ramadan, to help remind us that our neighbours, friends, colleagues are going through difficult times and try to act in the manner in which we would hope to be helped, if we find ourselves in this position.

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“We are committed to supporting and assisting the Luton community in various capacities. The Masjid-e-Ali community has been providing daily hot meals and distributing 10,000 food data-x-items to Noah Soup Kitchen and Luton Food Bank during the holy month of Ramadan every year since 2019.”

Director of operations at the foodbank, Salma Khan, thanked the mosque for its help, and said: “We are delighted to have another generous donation from our friends at Masjid-E-Ali. These kinds of donations are a valuable reminder of how giving our community is.”