Ukraine: Mosque Set on Fire in Dnipro

14:00 - April 16, 2024
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IQNA – A mosque in Ukraine’s Dnipro was set on fire as the arsonist fled the scene following the attack.


Surveillance cameras recorded the attacker, who stood and watched the flames after the arson for a few minutes, “” reported on Monday.

In Dnipro on April 14, an unknown man set fire to the mosque, which is part of the Spiritual Board of Muslims of Ukraine "Umma", reports the edition "Vidkrytyi".

A masked man climbed over the fence of the prayer room and poured some flammable liquid from a five-liter canister, set it on fire and watched the fire for several minutes before fleeing.

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Tarlan, a member of the Muslim community, said that several months ago the car of Nizami Merzabekov, the head of the religious community, was burned in the parking lot. At that time, CCTV cameras also recorded a "shadow" moving away from the car.

"Of course, that time and today we called the Emergency Situations Ministry and the police, who registered these arson attacks... After today's incident, we are waiting for the public reaction and the results of the investigation from the police, because now we, the parishioners of the mosque, feel in danger," he said.

  Ukraine: Mosque Set on Fire in Dnipro

Ukraine: Mosque Set on Fire in Dnipro

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