Nationwide Strike in Palestine in Response to Israeli Crimes in Tulkarm, Gaza

11:01 - April 21, 2024
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IQNA – A nationwide strike is being observed today across Palestine in protest of the massacre carried out by Israeli occupation forces in the Nour Shams refugee camp in Tulkarm, and the ongoing Israeli war on Gaza.

nationwide strike in Palestine


The strike includes all aspects of life, with schools, universities, and commercial shops, banks, and factories closed. Public transportation is also witnessing a strike on all routes, WAFA News Agency reported on Sunday.

The strike comes at the call of Fatah movement, which also called on all Palestinians to unite in support of their brethren in Tulkarm and Gaza who are facing a brutal Israeli aggression.

The Teachers' Union also announced today as a day of comprehensive strike in all schools, directorates of education, and the Ministry of Education.

The General Union of Transport Workers also declared general strike in condemnation of the Israeli aggression targeting innocent civilians and violating human rights.

14 Palestinians killed in Israeli assault on Tulkarm

The Ministry of Health announced on Saturday the arrival of 13 Palestinian fatalities at the Thabet Governmental Hospital in Tulkarm, north of the West Bank, in the aftermath of the deadly Israeli onslaught on Nour Shams refugee camp in the city.

The ministry said with the latest figures, the total number of citizens killed since the beginning of the Israeli offensive in the camp has risen to 14.

Medical teams and ambulance crews were only able to enter the camp tonight following a partial withdrawal of Israeli troops from the camp after a 48-long onslaught.

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The 14 victims were identified as Ahmed Ghaleb Ali, 24, Salim Faisal Ghannam, 29, Qais Nasrallah, 16, Alaa Abdel Rahim, 35, Jaafar Salim Omar, 20 years old, Ahmed Hossam Shehadeh, 20, Omar Saleh Abu Al-Rub, 24, Ali Mohammad Abdullah, 25, Jihad Niyaz Jaber, 17, Rajai Abu Sweilem, 39, Mujahid Al-Salta, Ali Abdel Rahim, Mahmoud Ghanem, and Nassim Musabih, 21 years old.

In addition to the 14 fatalities, Israeli army bulldozers carried out extensive demolition and destruction of infrastructure and properties, targeted the camp's bakery, commercial shops, houses, and walls, and destroyed several vehicles.  

Israeli occupation forces are also raided dozens of homes, deploying attack dogs, searching, vandalizing, and arresting youths, assaulting them with beatings and abuse, and deploying snipers on the rooftops of tall buildings. They also bombed a number of homes with shoulder-launched missiles.

Israeli Strike on Rafah Kills 16, including children

At least 16 Palestinian citizens, including nine children, were killed at dawn today in a series of Israeli aerial and artillery strikes targeting several homes in the city of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, as Israel’s genocidal war enters its 198th day.

WAFA correspondents reported that eight Palestinian citizens, including five children and two women, were killed in Israeli airstrikes that hit two homes in the city of Rafah.

Additionally, five civilians, including four children, were killed and others were injured in an Israeli bombing that targeted a house on George Street, east of Rafah.

Earlier in the night, three civilians were killed as a result of an Israeli raid that targeted a house in the Shaboura camp in the center of Rafah.

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Simultaneously, medical sources reported that a civilian, his child, and his pregnant wife were killed as a result of an Israeli strike that targeted a house for the Joudeh family in the Shaboura camp in the center of Rafah.

In the meantime, a number of civilians, most of them children, were injured in the bombing by Israeli warplanes of their house in the camp.

In this context, the Civil Defense in Gaza announced that it had recovered the bodies of 50 martyrs who had been buried in a mass grave by the Israeli occupation forces inside the Nasser Medical Complex in Khan Yunis.

The ongoing Israeli aggression on Gaza since October 7, 2023, has resulted in 34,049 documented Palestinian fatalities so far, with the majority being children and women. In addition, 76,901 injuries have been documented since the start of the onslaught, with thousands still trapped under the rubble.


Source: WAFA News Agency