Thailand: New Museum Showcases Centuries-Old Quran Manuscripts

8:50 - June 16, 2024
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IQNA – The Museum of Islamic Cultural Heritage and Al-Quran Learning Centre in Narathiwat has opened its doors to the public, displaying a collection of 78 historical artefacts, including ancient copies of the Holy Quran.

Islamic museum in Thailand


Committee member Hazamee Saleh informed that these copies range from 150 to 1,100 years in age.

The museum, situated approximately 11 kilometers from Narathiwat province in Yingo, houses data-x-items that represent the Islamic heritage of communities in Thailand, China, and Yemen.

"Visitors, including tourists from Malaysia and other countries, are welcome to explore these unique artefacts," Saleh stated.

The collection extends beyond the Quran copies, featuring manuscripts from the Malay Peninsula and the Arab world on various subjects such as hunting, gender studies, linguistics, astrology, astronomy, shipbuilding, navigation, and autobiographies of notable Muslims, The New Straits Times reported on Saturday.

Saleh highlighted the importance of preserving these artefacts, particularly the Quran manuscripts, which are delicately crafted with leather covers and pages made from paper or bark.

"Written with black ink in Jawi or Arabic script, these al-Qurans of various sizes have pages decorated in Sino-Malay-Arabian patterns. There are decorated and framed with beautiful golden lines," she explained.

The exhibition also includes Islamic religious figures and philosophers from the Malay archipelago and the Arab world.

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Visitors have the opportunity to view historical weaponry and everyday data-x-items from the region's past, such as guns, swords, spears, carts, howdahs, sugar cane squeezers, brass bundles, pottery, baking molds, and lamps.

"The exhibition focuses on the technology used by Muslims in this and other regions during those times," Saleh said.

She also acknowledged the influence of a similar Islamic museum in Terengganu, Malaysia, which served as an inspiration for the operational model of Narathiwat's new cultural landmark.


Source: Agencies