Arbaeen 2024: Iran to Establish 3,500 Moukebs to Serve 5m Pilgrims

IQNA – A total of 3,500 Iranian moukebs will serve and expected five million pilgrims in this year’s Arbaeen procession, an official says.
Imam Reza Shrine Equipped with Shades Amid Rising Temperature
IQNA – Special shades equipped with misting systems are being installed in different locations across the holy shrine of Imam Reza (AS) to provide more comfort to pilgrims amid the rising temperatures.
14:06 , 2024 Jul 23
Annual Ceremonial Washing of Kaaba Conducted in Mecca
IQNA – The annual ceremonial washing of the Kaaba in the Grand Mosque, Islam’s most sacred site in Mecca, took place on Sunday.
13:25 , 2024 Jul 23
2024 Pir-Gholaman Husseini Event to Host Attendees from 12 Nations
IQNA – The 21st international convention of Pir-Gholaman Husseini (veteran servants of ceremonies held to commemorate Imam Hussein (AS) martyrdom) will be held in Kerman.
10:38 , 2024 Jul 21
Cleric Urges Family Participation in Arbaeen March
IQNA – An official with Iran’s Arbaeen Central Headquarters said the participation of families in the annual Arbaeen march helps to strengthen the foundation of family.
19:26 , 2024 Jul 21
Muharram 2024: 6m Pilgrims Marked Ashura in Karbala
IQNA – The Karbala Provincial Council announced that approximately 6 million pilgrims participated in mourning rituals on the day of Ashura in the holy city of Karbala on Wednesday.
09:25 , 2024 Jul 19
Egypt Mufti Urges Avoiding Adaptation of Quranic Verses to Scientific Theories  
IQNA – The Mufti of Egypt highlighted the sanctity of the Holy Quran and warned against attempt to adapt the verses of the Holy Book theories of science that are still at the research stage.
23:23 , 2024 Jul 20
Large Number of Pilgrims Partake in Rakdha Tuwairaj Ritual in Karbala
IQNA – The annual ritual of Rakdha Tuwairaj was held in the holy city of Karbala, Iraq, on Wednesday, attended by a large number of pilgrims.
22:47 , 2024 Jul 17
Ahl-ul-Bayt Devotees in Tanzania Mourn Imam Hussein’s Martyrdom
IQNA – The devotees of Ahl-ul-Bayt (AS) in Tanzania, like Shia Muslims elsewhere in the world, held mourning rituals on the anniversary of Imam Hussein’s (AS) martyrdom.
17:16 , 2024 Jul 18
Holy City of Karbala on Eve of Ashura  
IQNA – The holy city of Karbala on the eve of Ashura hosted millions of pilgrims mourning the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS) and his companions.
10:29 , 2024 Jul 17
Islamic Center in Austrian Capital Hosts Ashura Mourning Ceremony
IQNA – A mourning ceremony marking Ashura was held at the Imam Ali (AS) Islamic Center in Vienna, the capital of Austria.
08:37 , 2024 Jul 17
Shia Muslims Worldwide Commemorate Ashura with Mourning Ceremonies
IQNA – Millions of Muslims around the world have commemorated Ashura, a day of remembrance for the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS), the third Shia Imam and the grandson of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).
11:16 , 2024 Jul 16
Teenage Students Hold ‘Ahla Min Al-Asal’ Mourning in Over 400 Regions Across Iran
IQNA – The "Ahla Min Al-Asal" mourning ceremony was held in more than 400 locations across Iran as teenage students led the ceremonies.
08:56 , 2024 Jul 12