‘I Cried When I Heard Quran’: Two Swedish Women Share Journeys to Islam

IQNA – Two Swedish women who have converted to Islam share their stories as one of them said she burst into tears when hearing the Quran recitation.
Yazd Province Hosts 482 Foreign Visitors for Muharram Mourning Rituals
IQNA – During the first ten days of the lunar month, culminating on Ashura (July 16), 482 foreign travelers participated in Muharram's mourning rituals in Yazd province, an official says.
17:54 , 2024 Jul 19
Ayatollah Khamenei Grants Clemency to Hundreds of Iranian Inmates on Eid
IQNA – The Leader of the Islamic Revolution granted clemency to over 2,000 Iranian inmates on the occasion of two Muslim festivities.
14:45 , 2024 Jun 16
Shia Muslims in Leicester Highlight Values Inspired by Imam Hussein Movement
IQNA – Shia Muslims held a procession in Leicester, Britain, on Sunday afternoon to remember the life and martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS).
16:20 , 2024 Jul 15
Regulations Issued for Using Names of Mecca, Medina in Trademarks
IQNA – Regulations have been unveiled in Saudi Arabia for registering trademarks that use the names of the holy cities of Mecca and Medina.
16:52 , 2024 Jul 13
Ugandan Football Player Embraces Islam
IQNA – Ugandan international Travis Mutyaba has announced his convertion to Islam.
17:54 , 2024 Jul 11
Government Seeks to Turn Thailand into Regional Halal Hub
IQNA – Thailand seeks to attract Muslim tourists and become the region’s hub for halal tourism, a spokesman said.
22:29 , 2024 Jul 10
Egyptian Football Player Who Was Memorizer of Quran Dies at 31
IQNA – Egyptian international football player Ahmed Refaat died due to complications following a heart attack.
09:18 , 2024 Jul 08
Antarctica Cruise to Serve Halal Meals
IQNA – A fully Halal-certified cruise offering halal meals to Muslim guests traveling to the Antarctic Peninsula is planned for 2026.
15:18 , 2024 Jul 02
Climate Change Part of Reason for Intense Heat that Led to Deaths of 1,300 Hajj Pilgrims
IQNA – Climate change made worse the heatwave in Saudi Arabia blamed for the deaths of 1,300 people on the Hajj pilgrimage this month.
07:12 , 2024 Jul 01
Sri Lanka’s Move against Muslim Students Wearing Hijab Violates Their Rights: HRW
IQNA – International non-governmental organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) said Sri Lanka has violated the rights of hijab-wearing Muslim students by withholding their exam results.
19:21 , 2024 Jun 27
EURO 2024 Football Fans Wear Watermelon Caps in Solidarity with Gaza  
IQNA – Solidarity caps are handed out to football fans during the EURO 2024 matches as part of efforts to show solidarity with the people of the Gaza Strip.
15:30 , 2024 Jun 24
How Egyptian Hajj Pilgrims Are Welcomed Back Home
IQNA – Pilgrims from different countries are returning home with the end of this year’s Hajj season in Saudi Arabia.
10:35 , 2024 Jun 23