15:51 - May 30, 2014
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On the occasion of the birth anniversary of Imam Mahdi (may God hasten his glad advent), a conference titled “Savior in various religions and their view on the future of the world” will be held on June 15 in Hyderabad, India.

According to IQNA’s branch in South Asia, Nurian, Iranian official in Hyderabad said that the program will be organized by the Iranian embassy in India and the representative office of the Supreme Leader in this country.

The Specialized Center of Mahdawiyyat affiliated to Qom Seminary School, Al-Mustafa International University, the Center for Islamic Researches of Astan-e Quds Razavi, Ahl-ul-Bayt (AS) World Assembly and academic centers will also cooperate in the organization of the conference.

Eminent Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Buddhist and Sikh figures will participate at the program.

The future of the world and what happens for human being at the end of the world is one of the most important themes in different intellectual and religious schools of thought.

Expectation and waiting for Imam Mahdi (AS) has a long history and it is not specified to a particular race, region, or religion.

The Holy Quran says: “And certainly We wrote in the book after the reminder that (as for) the land, My righteous servants shall inherit the earth”. (21:105)

The conference will include specialized discussion sessions and a collection of products of the Center for Islamic Researches of Imam Reza’s (AS) holy shrine will be exhibited on the sidelines of the event.

Those willing to attend the program should email their papers to by June 10.

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