Taghrib News Agency Receives Official Permission

12:32 - July 23, 2008
News ID: 1671231
-- The Taghrib News Agency, affiliated to the Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought, (FPIST) after a two-year trial period has recieved official permission for covering news in Islamic fields.
The Taghrib News Agency started its activity in 2006 and released Islamic news, reports and other stories in Arabic and Persian.
Managing Director of the Taghrib News Agency Mohammad-Mehdi Taskhiri made the remarks, adding that the agency is to inaugurate other sections in French and English as well as establishing representative offices in certain parts of the Islamic world.
The Taghrib News Agency was once inaugurated by Expediency Chairman Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani during the 21st Islamic Unity Conference earlier this year.
A number of scholars and cultural officials of the Islamic world have underlined the need for spreading the Taghrib News Agency's activties as a means to promote unity among followers of various Islamic schools of thought.