14:50 - March 23, 2020
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – A Malaysian Islamic organization denounced US sanctions against Iran especially given the outbreak of the coronavirus, describing the embargoes as “state barbarism”.  



The Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organization released a statement on Sunday, saying the US has clearly demonstrated its anti-human policy by not suspending the sanctions that hamper Iran’s access to medicines and medical supplies.

Following is the full text of the statement:

“We condemn US continued sanctions on Iran amid the critical coronavirus outbreak with more than 1500 casualties and more than 17,000 people till today who have contracted the virus.

The US has clearly demonstrated its anti-human policy which is nothing less than state barbarism.

Iran has to struggle with the restriction by the US sanctions to prevent spreading of the lethal coronavirus.

The sanctions create a strong barrier for Iran that has been hit heavily by the virus known as COVID-19.

The US is playing with innocent lives of Iranian civilians by its

Illegal unilateral US sanctions, in its campaign to impose ‘maximum pressure’.

By the sanctions, the US is itself more dangerous than the coronavirus, since it is by effect purposefully hindering the resistance the coronavirus.

The world cannot be silent when millions of Iranian citizens were cut off from the possibility of purchasing necessary medical supplies.

This anti-human policy of the US must be condemned in the strongest term.

US is in clear violation of human rights by its restrictive measures against Iran to battle the virus.

Trump has gone off limits when he is inflicting health risks on civilians with his agenda to win his geopolitical war.

In fact Donald Trump's announcement of increased sanction on Iran concludes that US is culpable of state terrorism.

Iran's struggle to battle the deadly coronavirus is at the brink. The sanction has hit the capability of Iran to solicit medical drugs and equipment for screening, testing and for treating the critically ill victims of the virus.

We are very concern on the situation that had to be endured by the Iranians in facing the outbreak. The lacking of the needed equipment’s has hampered the battle against the virus.

We are saddened by the reports that amongst the casualties included medical doctors, nurses and health workers due to inadequate medical facilities.

The sanction has had a direct impact on the Iranians especially amid the dire situation on the health frontline workers who are facing tremendous pressure to cope with the overwhelming people who have contracted the disease.

We demand the UN and the WHO to intervene to call for the halt on the sanction and allow all assistance to be rendered to Iran to combat the outbreak.

The world must unite to overcome the health calamity and to reject strongly any powers to pursue a biological warfare on civilians by obstructing medical assistance to countries that needed assistance the most.


Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid


Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organization”

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