9:22 - May 19, 2020
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – The final Stage of an online Quran recitation competition organized by Iraq’s Union of Quranic Societies in the holy month of Ramadan concluded.


According to Qaaf news agency, Mortaza Al-Sa’eedi, head of the media office of the union said that 25 Qaris from 13 provinces affiliated to the union participated in the competition via Facebook.

It was supervised by Iraqi and foreign Quran experts including Sayyed Adel Al-Yaseri in Tajweed, Sayyed Hashem Al-Jazayeri and Sheikh Ahmad Abdulhay in Lahn, Mohammad Ali Dehdashti in Sowt, NaAtiq Al-Zarkani in Waqf and Ibtida and Saeyyed Sajjad Al-Ba’aj, who chaired the jury panel.

In the first and the second stages of the competition, the participants could obtain 80 percent of the points from the jury and 20 percent from the audience, but in the final stage the jury gave 95 percent of the points and the audience only 5 percent.

The Quran recitations by two Qaris were broadcast each day of the first and second stages of the competition, but only one Qari recited a selected part of the Quran every day in the final stage.

The union has about 280 affiliated Quranic institutes and associations in 13 provinces of Iraq.



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