Quran Recitation by Sudanese Qari Sheikh Muhammad Saeed Noor

14:02 - March 03, 2021
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – Sheikh Muhammad Saeed Noor was a Sudanese Qari who lived in Egypt.


He had a very beautiful voice that attracted many people when he recited the Quran.

In the early 1940s he would recite the Quran that would stop people on their path. Train and bus drivers would open doors and listen if they so happened to catch him as he walked on reciting the Quran.

Some people would start crying when they listened to his recitations.

He lived a simple life and recited at Khazandar Mosque in one of Cairo’s neighborhoods.

When Sheikh Noor traveled to Saudi Arabia for Hajj, the Saudi ruler of the time who was his fan, urged him to stay in the kingdom but the famous Qari rejected the request.

In 1980s, Sheikh Noor went to Kuwait and stayed there until his death.

The Kuwait Quran Radio recorded many of his recitations during the final years of his life.








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