Islamic Unity Conference Participants Stress Vigilance against Normalization with Israel

9:40 - October 23, 2021
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – Speakers at the 14th webinar of the 35th International Islamic Unity Conference underscored the need for Muslims to remain vigilant against attempts to normalize ties with the Zionist regime of Israel.


The online seminar was held on Friday evening as part of the international conference with the participation of scholars and thinkers from various countries.

Indian scholar Mawlana Muhammad Ahmad Khan in his address described unity as a constant need for Muslims, adding that it is more necessary today given the fact that many enemies are plotting to foment discord among followers of Islam.

Referring to a history of disunity and divisions among Muslims, he said it is now incumbent among all Muslims to put an end to this and get united.

The scholar noted that the major means the world colonialists use to exploit Muslims is provoking disunity and conflicts like those in Syria, Yemen and Libya.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Ahmad Khan referred to the issue of Palestine and regretted the fact that some regimes in Muslim countries have normalized relations with the Israeli regime.

He said it is a dangerous trend that originates from Muslims’ discord, stressing that everyone must be vigilant against moves to normalize ties with the Zionists.

Algerian scholar Noura Farahat was another speaker at the Friday webinar. She elaborated on the ideological structure of Takfiri-Salafist terrorist group and said their thought is based on three components of sectarianism, deception and violence.

She said Takfiri groups consider themselves to be the guided ones and everyone else to have gone astray.

“They thus issue Fatwas that others are Kafir (disbeliever) and deserve to be killed”.

Farahat underscored the need for Muslim societies to strive to uproot Takfir and counter this deviated ideology by all means and invite all to the true Muhammadan Islam.

Pakistani scholar Antal Zia in her address underlined that the Seerah of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) as the best example for Muslims to follow in life.


تاکید سخنرانان مراسم اختتامیه کنفرانس بین‌المللی وحدت اسلامی بر پرهیز از تفرقه


The 35th International Conference on Islamic Unity got under way on Tuesday morning in Tehran with the participation of Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi and a number of Iranian and foreign Muslim scholars.

This edition of the event is being held both virtually and in person with a limited number of guests due to concerns over the coronavirus pandemic.

“Islamic Empathy and Sympathy and Avoidance of Tensions and Conflicts” is one of the main themes of the conference which will wrap up in Tehran on Saturday.

Just war and just peace, Palestine and Islamic resistance, Islamic fraternity and countering terrorism; mutual respect among Islamic schools of thought; and Ummah Wahida (united community) and a union of Islamic countries are among the subjects of discussion.

230 guests including 52 scholars from 16 foreign countries have taken part in the conference. Scholars will give a total of 514 speeches as 360 addresses will be made through video-conference.



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