Palestinian Unity Major Achievement of Operation al-Quds Sword: Abu Sharif

15:29 - October 20, 2021
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – The representative of the Islamic Jihad movement in Iran said the main achievement of the ‘Operation al-Quds Sword’ was unity of the Palestinian people and resistance groups.


‘Operation al-Quds Sword’ began in areas where the Zionist regime has been seeking to Judaize with illegal methods, Nasser Abu-Sharif said in an address to the 35th International Islamic Unity Conference in Tehran.

He noted that the operation that lasted for 11 days led to more unity among Palestinians and their outright rejection of normalization of ties with the Zionist regime.

Abu Sharif added that it united the people of Palestine about the option of resistance against occupiers.

Resistance in all its forms is the only way to confront the occupiers of Palestine, he stated.

It is an option that not only the Palestinian nation, but also other Arab and Muslim nations approve of and they are against normalization with the Zionist regime, the Islamic Jihad official said.

He noted that ‘Operation al-Quds Sword’ also boosted the spirit of nationalism among Palestinians residing in occupied territories.

The name ‘Operation Sword of al-Quds’ was used by the resistance groups based in the Tel Aviv-blockaded Gaza Strip, including the Islamic Jihad, to specify their defensive operation against the regime’s latest war on the coastal sliver in May.

The operation saw the resistance firing more than 4,000 rockets against the occupied territories, forcing the regime to desperately call for a ceasefire after just 11 days.

The operation also sought to exact revenge on Tel Aviv over its weeks-long harassment of Sheikh Jarrah’s Palestinian residents, whom it had served with eviction orders.



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