Satellite Transmitting Quran Recitations from Space

11:26 - November 03, 2021
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – A not-for-profit community project named Divine is broadcasting the verses of the Holy Quran from space for the people on Earth to listen to via their smartphone.


A YAM-2 satellite carrying a payload with audio files of the Quran is now in space. As it orbits the Earth, the satellite transmits Quran recitations from space into the Divine Live mobile app and website.

Launching this project is I AM PART OF, a global charity foundation established by Eurasian Space Ventures (ESV) founder Shukhrat Ibragimov. Divine also works alongside space-as-a-service solution provider SpaceChain in embedding the Quran multimedia files on the satellite’s payload.

“We want [people] to understand that we are doing the maximum to promote Islam in a peaceful way, and help people understand the meanings of the Quran …,” Shukhrat told the Jakarta Globe in a recent interview.

The Divine Live app shows the real-time coordinates of the satellite. Users can read Quran verses and learn more about the Hadiths, at their fingertips. The app also includes a qibla compass and a step-by-step prayer guide. All features in the Divine Live app are complimentary.

Russian and English Quran translations are available. Divine is seeking to add translations in other languages in the future.

"We go to the source that is permitted by the central government and the central religious authorities in the region. And if we want to translate the Quran, we'll use their translations that are approved," Shukhrat said.

"We only use the translations that are being authenticated locally and those translations are being put up in our systems as well," he added.

Divine also aims to construct ground stations in remote areas across the globe, including Indonesia. The ground stations will feature audio receivers specially made to receive Quran files transmitted directly from the satellites in space.

“Indonesia is one of the main next stops for us to start looking in what kind of infrastructures we need to put in place, Insha Allah,” Shukhrat said.

Shukhrat unveiled plans to launch more Quran audio-installed satellites into space, as the ESV expands its business ecosystem. The ESV runs the space-based virtual currency exchange project, Biteeu. The ESV also serves as a hub for space companies.

“It is my desire to put the Quran readings [audio files] in each satellite, so there will be no interruption in the isolated areas,” Shukhrat told the Globe.

“We [ESV] would like to be able to integrate Divine into everything that we do as a private business.”



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