Ceremony to Mark Anniversary of Egyptian Qari Al-Hussary’s Death

9:09 - November 23, 2021
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – A ceremony will be held in the city of Tanta in Egypt’s Gharbia Governorate on Wednesday to commemorate Sheikh Mahmoud Khalil al-Hussary, one of Egypt’s legendary Quran reciters.

Sheikh al-Hussary


The Sheikh al-Hussary Religious and Social Services Charity Society will organize the event on the 41st anniversary of the eminent qari’s demise, according to website.

The ceremony will include a religious seminar and will be attended by the qari’s family members, friends and those who love his recitation.

Born on September 17, 1917, al-Husary was among the most prominent Quran reciters in Egypt.

He was the first Qari to release his Tarteel recitation of the entire Quran in cassettes.

Al-Hussary was elected the head of the Muslim World’s Union of Quran Reciters in 1968.

He was also the Sheikh al-Qurra (top qari) of Egypt and headed an Al-Azhar committee for proofreading Quran copies before printing.

He died on November 24, 1980, during a trip to Kuwait.

In his will, Al-Hussary left one-third of his properties for charity and thus, one of his sons founded the Sheikh al-Hussary Religious and Social Services Charity Society.





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