Quranic Program Held in Ghana to Ask for God's Blessings

18:14 - January 06, 2022
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – A Quran recitation program was held in Ghana's Ayawaso to ask for God's blessings.

The Ayawaso Muslim community in the Greater Accra Region on New Year’sDay held a special Quranic recitation invoking God’s blessings of peace, unity and prosperity for the country.

The first of its kind, the ceremony was initiated by Sheikh Mustapha Yaajala, the principal Imam of Marzak Al Mihi Islamic Centre Mosque at Kanda 441, suburb of Accra.

Led by Sheikh Yaajala who is also the principal of the Islamic Training Institute, they recited the Holy Quran from cover to cover three times and slaughtered a bull as a sacrifice to Allah for his blessings of peace and wellbeing of all and forgiveness for the souls of those who passed on to eternity.

Chief AlhajiImoro Baba Issah of the Ayawaso Council of Muslim Chiefs, officially introduced Sheikh Yaajala as the principal Imam of Marzak Al Mihi Islamic Centre Mosque, after having been installed on October 7, 2021 by the National Chief Imam.

It was held on the theme “Preventing COVID-19: The role of Muslim” to drum home the need to vaccinate and adhere to the safety protocols to prevent the spread of the disease.

Sheikh Yaajala commended the Muslim community for the intercession for Allah’s blessing and paid a glowing tribute to his mentor, late Sheikh Shaban for his contribution to the Muslim community.

He said it was with humility he ascended to the position of the Imam of the Al Mihi Islamic Centre Mosque and asked for Allah’s guidance for the spiritual upliftment of the community.

Chief Alhaji Nii Futa, urged the Muslim community to rally behind leadership for the development of the community.

The Chief Imam of Takoradi, Dr Imam Awal, who was a special guest, underscored the significance of the Holy Quran and urged Muslims to learn and practise the teachings of the Quran as a guidance for mankind.

Speaking on the theme, MemunaYussif, a Public Health Nurse at the Ayawaso East Municipal Health Directorate, urged the public to patronise the COVID-19 vaccinations as a protection against the disease.

She also reminded the public to adhere strictly to the safety protocol of wearing of nose mask, washing of hands with soap, applying sanitiser and keeping to social distancing.

Source: Ghanian Times

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