Iraqi Quran Memorizers Meet with Senior Iranian Cleric

9:34 - January 10, 2022
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – A number of Quranic talents from Iraq met with Ayatollah Jafar Sobhani in the holy city of Qom, Iran.

Iraqi memorizers meet with Ayatollah Sobhani


The senior cleric listened to Quran recitations by some of them and in a speech afterward hailed the Quranic youths for their achievements.

He urged them to continue on this path, which is the path of Ahl-ul-Bayt (AS).

Ayatollah Sobhani also stressed the need for Quranic youths to act upon the Quranic teachings and culture.

The Quran memorizes traveled to Qom as part of the programs of the Ayaat Quranic Institute for Iraq’s Quranic talents.  

The institute is affiliated to the Quranic center of the Astan (custodianship) of Imam Hussain (AS) holy shrine.

According to Ahmed Naim, a representative of the center, Sheikh Hassan al-Mansouri, an advisor to the Astan, accompanied the Quranic delegation in the trip to Qom.

He said the delegation met with other senior scholars and religious and cultural figures and visited specialized Quranic centers and institutes in the holy city during the trip.





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