Increased Daesh Movements Reported in N Lebanon

15:49 - January 11, 2022
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – A Lebanese newspaper warned of the return of Daesh (ISIS or ISIL) activities in northern regions of Lebanon as tens of youths have been smuggled to Syria and Iraq to join the terrorist group.

Increased Daesh Movements Reported in N Lebanon


According to Al-Akhbar, the activity of bands affiliated with Daesh terrorists has increased in north Lebanon similar to the terror group’s activities in Iraq and Syria.

Following a shooting incident against an officer of the Lebanese Army in the north of Lebanon, the country’s security forces arrested members of a group and accused some of them of attempting to carry out terrorist attacks.

Meanwhile, security bodies say some 65 youths from Lebanon’s Tripoli have joined the Daesh. Some of them arrived in Iraq through Turkey and the Iraqi security forces say this group has been stationed in places that are not controlled by the Iraqi government.

Smugglers receive $1,500 to transfer each of these Lebanese individuals into Syria and Iraq. Some of these individuals had already been arrested and imprisoned for being Daesh members but again joined the terrorists after being freed.

Citing informed sources, Al-Akhbar also reported that a significant volume of light and medium-sized weapons, such as machine guns, RPGs, mortars with large quantities of ammunition, have been transferred into Lebanon.



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