Muslims’ Unity Can Lead to Establishment of Unified Defense Power: Turkish Author

9:33 - January 15, 2022
News ID: 3477371
TEHRAN (IQNA) – A Turkish author and lawyer believes establishing unity among Muslim nations can potentially lead to forming a unified defense power.

Emin Güneş


“An ideal Ummah should go under a uniform flag with borders being lifted. However, it seems that this is practically impossible. If the principle of “ideal” is preserved, passing through borders will be facilitated, a unified defense power, currency, and joint economic market will be established and the D-8 (eight developing Muslim countries) can be revived,” Emin Güneş told IQNA in an exclusive interview.

“Cooperation can start immediately about issues that parties have agreed upon. For example, every Muslim government will dedicate soldiers – based on their population – for the aim of liberating the Al-Quds and naval, aerial, and ground forces can be formed and stationed in a neighboring country to Israel,” he added.

Most of the Muslim countries are governed by puppet rulers, he said, noting that speaking about unity is a crime in some of the countries.

The most serious barrier to unity is racism and sectarianism, he stressed.

“In Turkey, for example, there is the false belief of ‘Turks do not have any friends other than Turks’ which has been dictated to us by the West and is unfortunately supported by some groups. I am sure that these beliefs also exist in other tribes as well.”

Investments made for English Shiism and American Sunnism are many times more than costs that the Islamic Ummah pays for enjoining good and forbidding wrong, said Güneş.

“There were no madhhabs in early Islam and these are phenomena that emerged years later. This is like a wound and a defect on the body; so we should prevent expansion of this wound,” noted the author.