Celebrations in Qom to Mark Imam Zaman (AS) Birthday

10:00 - March 15, 2022
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – Various programs are planned to be held at the mausoleum of Hazrat Masoumeh (SA) in Qom, Iran, to mark the birthday of Imam Zaman (may God hasten his glad advent).

Holy shrine of Hazrat Masoumeh in Qom


The ceremonies will be organized on Thursday and Friday and will include speeches by senior clerics.

Speakers, among other issues, will elaborate on the importance of awaiting the savior.

There will also be recitation of supplications – including Kumayl supplication, poetry reading and eulogy recitations.

Nimeh Sha’aban, or the 15th day of the lunar Hijri month of Sha’aban, marks the birthday of the twelfth Imam, Imam Zaman (may God hasten his glad advent). It falls on Friday, March 18, this year.

Every year, millions of Shia Muslims around the world hold festivities to honor the event.

Iranians decorate and light up streets across the country to celebrate the occasion.

According to Islamic teachings, Imam Zaman is the prophesied redeemer, who will revive peace, administer justice and rid the world of evil.