Tolerance Key to Good, Happy Life

14:39 - April 27, 2022
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – Tolerance and concession are among ethical characteristics that have special status in religious texts of Islam.



These characteristics have been emphasized by the Holy Prophet (PBUH), who said, “One who does not have tolerance will not live a good and happy life.”

We are not living in an ideal society with infallible people. So anyone at any level may make mistakes and do wrong things in friendships and relationships.

Such issues should not be allowed to negatively affect family and social relationships because everyone might do wrong things at times. Here comes the principle of tolerating others’ faults, which is important in strengthening ties between people.

Learning tolerance is necessary in social interactions and neglecting it will lead to one’s isolation because a relationship in which there is no fault is very rare.

Those who ae irritable and do not have tolerance will face difficulties in life because they are neglecting the realities of the world. They should reconsider their conduct and pay close attention to the principle mentioned above.




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