Quran Lays Emphasis on Seeking Knowledge

11:20 - August 06, 2022
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – Seeking knowledge and getting free from ignorance is something to which the Holy Quran attaches great importance because it is through knowledge and awareness that being religious and worshipping God can be achieved.

Quran Lays Emphasis on Seeking Knowledge


In the Quran and in Islamic teachings, worshipping God with awareness and understanding has been considered as being hundreds of times more valuable than doing acts of worship with ignorance.

Seeking the truth is a Fitri (natural) inclination of all human beings and the ability to understand realities is one of their capabilities. It is among man’s attributes to seek to known himself and the world. Knowing oneself well helps one know others and even know God. Knowing oneself is the beginning of all knowledge because, first of all, it reveals the need for seeking other cognitions as it helps one learn about his existence and his weaknesses and he necessity to find the right path to the ultimate destination. Second, it make gaining other cognitions possible.

As knowledge is necessary and important for mankind to reach perfection, enhancing cognition and the ability to comprehend realities is also very important. The more powerful cognition is, the better it recognizes the destination, the path to it and the obstacles on the path and, therefore, can better help one move on this path toward perfection. If cognition is weak, however, moving on the path to perfection becomes impossible.

In Islam, great importance is attached to seeking knowledge and pursuing the truth. So much so that knowledge and seeking knowledge are cited as what distinguishes people: “Are those who know equal to those who do not know?” (Surah Az-Zumar, verse 9)         

Those who seek knowledge are raised to elevated positions: “Allah will raise up in ranks those who believed among you and those who have been given knowledge.” (Surah Al-Mujadila, verse 11)

In that case, people will refer to those who have knowledge to learn: “Ask those who know about the heavenly Books if you do not know about this.” (Surah An-Nahl, verse 43)







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