What Is Monotheistic Training Like?

12:18 - October 01, 2022
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – Reasoning and philosophy alone cannot lead a society to monotheistic training. That is why messengers of God focused their efforts on the Fitrat (nature) of people.

Fitrat and intellect


In this way, they help people develop their intellects and use the desires of the self in the service of the intellect and Fitrat.

This is according to Tafseer and Islamic Teachings scholar Hojat-ol-Islam Abdolkarim Bahjatpour, speaking about monotheistic training. Excerpts from his speech are as follows:

Monotheistic training means our desires, anger, love, etc should be within the framework of love of God, that is to say, we should like whatever He likes. A monotheistic human does everything in the personal and social realms based on what God wants.

In Monotheistic training, we need a kind of growth in knowing God that it is manifested in our behavior and conduct. In Monotheistic training, there should be no complexity in accepting the truth unless for those who have gone astray from the path of Fitrat.

Moving toward monotheistic training leads one to the path that messengers of God have been sent to guide us. To move to that direction, we have no other way than taking the path of the Quran’s revelation.

Monotheistic training based on the Quran’s revelation teaches us how to act in personal and social realms.

The Quran says: “The believers should not go forth altogether, rather, a party from each section should go forth to become well versed in the religion, and when they return to their people warn them in order that they may beware.” (Surah At-Tawbah, Verse 122)

Based on this verse we are responsible to warn others. It is the responsibility of religious scholars to help the society grow.

The messengers of God concentrated on the Fitrat as opposed to Ghariza (instinct), guiding people to their Fitrat. In order to help a society grow, we ought to lead people to toward their own Fitrat.




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