‘Iftar for All’ Offers Food Packages to Those in Need in Ramadan  

16:52 - April 04, 2023
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – UK Muslims observing the Ramadan might find it difficult to provide iftar to their families due to rising cost of living and high inflation.

‘Iftar for All’ Offers Food Packages to Those in Need in Ramadan  


To help, food brand ‘Hellmann’s” has teamed up with UK charity Human Appeal to offer free food parcels for those most in need this Ramadan.

The initiative, ‘Iftar for All’, offers Muslims food packages to help make managing costs that bit easier.

“We’re proud to be working with the Human Appeal to support those in need on the occasion of Ramadan this year,” Rachel Chambers, Hellmann’s Brand Manager, said in a statement.

“At Hellmann’s, we’re on a mission to reduce food waste and we know celebratory occasions can result in even more leftover foods. That’s food and money that families could be saving.

“We hope this initiative will really help some families across the country, whether they are sharing an iftar meal with loved ones, or simply struggling to afford food during these difficult times.”


Zero Waste

The parcels have been created by the British-Bangladeshi chef Afia Begom of Afelia’s Kitchen who has designed them to contain a week’s worth of food with no waste.

They contain a range of non-perishable products, including halal food like chickpeas and dates. These boxes also contain ingredients that go well together to avoid any food waste.

Human Appeal, founded in Manchester in 1991, provides ongoing humanitarian support at home and abroad, including alleviating hunger and poverty.

“We’re so pleased to be partnering with a power brand like Hellmann’s during Ramadan to kick-start an inclusive call to action to support those in need in the country while also raising awareness around hunger, food security and reducing food waste,” Owais Khan, Deputy CEO at Human Appeal, said.

“Sharing food and iftar is in the spirit of special occasions like Ramadan, and we want to show people how they can share and give back to those in need around them.”