Israel Exaggerated Oct. 7 Shock to Justify Its Savage Genocide: Activist

12:00 - December 24, 2023
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IQNA – A prominent Australian Muslim activist says the Israeli regime exploited the shock of October 7 operation to “justify its savage and barbaric genocide” in the Gaza Strip.

Keysar Trad


Keysar Trad, head of Islamic Friendship Association of Australia Inc, made the remarks in a paper that he presented to a conference focusing on Palestine in Tehran on Saturday.

What follows is the full text of his paper titled “Gaza the tragedy that unites humanity against the evils of settler colonialism”:  

 بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

الحمد لله والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله وعلى آله وصحبه ومن والاه

Esteemed hosts, distinguished guests, fellow participants

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

We need to spend a little time on background before we can reach the noble objectives of this esteemed conference.

We have witnessed that imperialist colonial powers sustain their economies through impoverishing others by robbing them of their natural resources.

To succeed and manufacture the consent of their people, they lie about their victims and their cultures and traditions. They invade and pillage in the name of fighting savagery and bringing freedom and democracy.

Targets are mystified, because this makes it easier to gain the support of their uninformed masses.

This is what has allowed the misreporting of 911 to saturate all media and opened an avaricious appetite of consumers who were more ready and willing  to believe lies than discover truths.

The shock of 911 is not a new tool, the shock doctrine is always a useful tool.  Popularised by Milton Freedman, and discussed by Naomi Klein in her widely popular book of the same name, the doctrine is about using shocking distractions to start wars (such as the war on Afghanistan and the war on Iraq) and creep-in laws that would otherwise be rejected by the citizens. Usually, such laws give governments more powers and take away freedoms from the citizens.  Many examples can be found in the swathes of Counter-terrorism laws and control orders introduced since 911.

The curiosity that was created about Islam because of 911 was so suspicious and negative that it aimed to see how much or how little of Islam can be tolerated instead of welcomed or embraced.

Gaza shows that ordinary people around the world are decent, empathetic and respectful of courage against tough odds.  However, the actions generated by such empathies are often slow and constrained. People believe that they will bring change at the next election, but often they don’t and even when they do that change is minimal. 

The empathy with Gaza has stirred many politicians, unions, doctors, lawyers, journalists, influencers and people from all walks of life to speak out, but the criminal ruling elites have barely moved. The US still has its warships in the region and along with its allies is still giving money and weapons to Israel, even at the cost to the livelihood of their own citizens.  Voters know that their governments are complicit in the genocide, but they have not found a mechanism to quickly stop these governments through their modern “liberal democracies”.  The people of Gaza say are indeed fighting for the freedom of all people around the world.

What Israel is doing to Gaza is not a retaliation for the October 7 operation. The West does not do knee-jerk reactions.  Israel’s genocide against Gaza is pre-planned, Israel grossly exaggerated October 7 and used the shock to justify its savage and barbaric genocide.

Israel and its backers use Islamophobia, nationalistic fervour and distorted histories.  They know that in two-party nations, it doesn’t matter which of the two stables wins.  The hands that wrote the policies will remain to manipulate in the background.

Look at the recent victories of the Netherlands Geert Wilders, Italy’s Giorgia Meloni, India’s Narendra Modi and look at those who are trying like France’s Marine Le Pen, why would ordinary decent people vote for malicious, seditious hate mongers?

There are others who stand with Gaza for their geopolitical interests but have shown absolutely no qualms about massacring Muslims.  Gaza is not the only wound for our Ummah!

There are Muslim leaders who have helped the West obliterate some Muslim countries and bomb them to the “stone age” and they have been involved in the massacres of Muslims in Syria.

As Muslims, we are very attached to our important causes, especially Palestine and Gaza. Our fellow Muslims have shown that they would love to breach borders and offer everything to help our Palestinian brothers and sisters and their children.

Whilst motivated to defend humanity, we are still soft targets, because our divided nations of Islam are besieged and emasculated. Gaza is the biggest evidence of how weak we have become.  I estimate our real numbers to be at least one quarter of humanity, yet we seem too weak to stop Israel from committing genocide against our people in Gaza or in Syria, Myanmar, Iraq, Kashmir, East Turkistan, Sudan, Libya and elsewhere.  We have failed to save our own whilst we believe that our faith is the very salvation of humanity.

Our internal divisions are our biggest problem and largest obstacle.  Our division allows our enemies to use our own ambitions and aspirations to create conflicts that weaken us.  The same enemy, using different disguises dangles a carrot in front of each section of our Ummah to keep us suspicious and untrusting of each other and of course; divided.  What logic is there in any of our internal wars?

Allah, tells us:

Believers! Do not act on every suspicion, indeed, many suspicious thoughts are wrongful. (Holy Qur’an 49:12)

Hadith: Avoid acting on suspicious impulses, for indeed, suspicion is the most false of discourses. (Ahmad and Bukhary)

And they have no knowledge about it, they’re only following suspicion and indeed suspicion does not alter the reality in any way.  (Holy Qur’an 53:28)

Acting on unverified suspicious impulses is an attribute of the unthinking masses:

And if you obey many of those on earth, they will divert you from the path of Allah.  They only follow suspicions and they only lie (Holy Qur’an 6:116)

Allah says

... Verify... (Holy Qur’an 49:6)

He also said:

And hold tight to the rope of Allah altogether and do not become divided, and remember the blessing of Allah over you when you were enemies but he brought your hearts together and you became through his blessing: brothers.  And you were on the brink of an abyss of fire, but He saved you from it.  In this manner, Allah reveals to you His blessings so that you might become guided (Holy Qur’an 3:103)

Unity has become crucial for us:

Indeed, this, your Ummah, is one Ummah and I am your Lord, so focus your devotion to Me (in sincerity).  (Holy Qur’an 21:29)

And obey Allah and His messenger, do not engage in infighting otherwise you will fail and your wind (power) will disappear, and be patient, indeed Allah is with those who are patient. (Holy Qur’an 8:46)


Our division, unfortunately, makes us see members of our own Ummah as “the Other”.  It is a destructive dynamic that is always found as the root cause of every failure.  We are distracted with what our brother might achieve whilst our real enemies are going far beyond our aspirations and profiting immensely from our division.

Whatever conflict I might have with my brother, I must understand that the root cause of this conflict is my enemy, it is our mutual enemy, it is the enemy of humanity.  It is an enemy that divides, conquers and rules through proxies.

They are not capable of fighting (or confronting) you (if you are united) together, except in fortified positions or from behind walls, they have vicious infighting, you think they are united, but their hearts are dispersed, this is because they are people who do not understand. (59:14)

Look at the internal workings of their societies, unbridled capitalism leads to the dominance of the most corrupt in society, as long as they can hide that corruption under a neatly tailored suit.

Humanity is besieged by the standard-bearers of the failed Franco-British experiments.  Wherever you find a conflict, the fingers that pull the strings are French, British or American.  Ironically they have refined their nefarious arts to make some of our Muslims think that they can be partners pulling the strings, so they normalise with evil that is committing genocide.

The late great Palestinian poet Dr Abdurrahman Barood summed it in his poem “Victim of Desire” with this comprehensive couplet:

It is the war: Its direction is controlled by a thousand Kussroe and Kaysar

And behind them, there are a thousand Huyyay directing the director

(My translation from the original Arabic)


Islam is “Wasat” it is the balanced path as outlined in a 2021 research paper on the topic by sheikh Mohammad Trad. Islam guarantees humanity’s longevity and quality of life as long as we hold on to the principles of accountability at individual and collective levels.

We have the iron clad teaching that we become true people of faith: “when we love for others what we love for ourselves”.

We are “one Ummah”, we have One God Who is worthy of our devotion.   Any other fealty must be within His guidelines.

In conclusion, this background clarifies that a mere ceasefire and the provision of basic necessities is only a temporary fix.  We need a permanent fix that will protect Gaza and protect humanity from these vicious war machines.

While working on the ceasefire, we must come together as one Ummah, we must look out for each other, we must protect our members, whether living within our borders or whether in the diaspora.  The first Muslim nation that opens its borders to all Muslims will become the first to lead our revival.  It will be the first to break the Sykes-Picot shackles and the first to lay the foundations for our collective revival leading to the United States of Islam or the United Ummah.  When we start on these steps, we can immediately demand that the US and its allies remove their warships from our region and we can freely build a big seaport for Gaza and bring our humanitarian aid directly.

There are courageous people from all backgrounds who are ready and willing to join an aid fleet.  They are also ready and willing to join an aid convoy through any other land port and to stay with the aid until it reaches its intended destination.

On this journey, we need to open our hearts, as distinct from our prisons, to all those with constructive ideas, even if they are blunt or critical.  A nation never grows through the applause of sycophants, it grows through encouraging and rewarding ideas and always finding ways to improve.

We were taught by our beloved prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings upon him, to graciously give and also graciously receive advice.  This teaching led the second Caliph Omar, to say:  may Allah bless any person who shows me my flaws.

Let’s find partners for the humanitarian fleet and mobilise it immediately.

Finally, I salute all those who are stopping Israeli ships, from Union members, ordinary public to anyone who is contributing to the saving of life.


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