Right-Wing Group Launches Islamophobic Campaign against Muslim Judge Nominee

17:12 - February 17, 2024
News ID: 3487226
IQNA – Adeel Mangi, the first Muslim nominee for the US appeals court, has faced a barrage of Islamophobic attacks from a powerful conservative group and some Republican senators.


The Judicial Crisis Network (JCN), a group that spends millions of dollars to influence judicial nominations, has launched a series of ads that portray Mangi as a “radical”, an “anti-Semite”, and a supporter of terrorism.

The ads claim that Mangi has advised an organization that teaches students to hate America and Israel, and use footage of the 9/11 attack with Mangi's name on it.

The JCN has not provided any proof for its allegations, which have been denounced by the largest Muslim civil rights group in the US, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

CAIR's Deputy Director Edward Ahmed Mitchell called the ads "dishonest, disgusting and brimming with anti-Muslim bigotry", and urged the public to condemn them.

CAIR had criticized some Republican senators who questioned Mangi's personal views on the 9/11 attack during his Senate Judiciary Committee hearing in December 2023.

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Emily Hampsten, a spokesperson for the Democrats on the committee, said the JCN's campaign was part of a wider effort by conservative groups to derail Mangi's nomination.

She said the JCN uses dark money to promote Republican judges and oppose Democratic ones, as revealed by a report by the Democratic Policy and Communication Committee.


Source: Agencies