Washington Responsible for Ongoing Regional Tensions: Islamic Jihad

19:06 - February 26, 2024
News ID: 3487341
IQNA – A spokesman for the Palestinian resistance movement Islamic Jihad said the US government is responsible for the continuation of tensions and conflicts in the region.

Spokesman for the Palestinian resistance movement Islamic Jihad Muhammad Haj Mousa


Muhammad Haj Mousa also slammed the US’ views on how the Gaza Strip should be ruled after the Israeli regime’s genocidal war on the coastal enclave.

He further rejected attempts by the Israeli regime’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to make it seem that the Palestinian resistance groups are impeding a negotiations on a ceasefire agreement in Gaza.

He warned against a planned Israeli attack on the southern Gaza city of Rafah in continuation of the Zionists’ crimes against Palestinians.

He added that what Netanyahu didn’t achieve in northern and central Gaza will not be achieved in Rafah either.

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In other news from Gaza, the Health Ministry in the Palestinian enclave said the health situation there is catastrophic with the hospitals having received no fuel for more than ten days.

It said ambulances are not operating and medical equipment is not functioning in hospitals, putting the lives of many patients at risk.

The number of Palestinians killed in the Israeli attacks on Gaza since October 7 has exceeded 29,690, and nearly 70,000 have been injured, according to the ministry.