Cleric Envisions AI as Tool for Deeper Understanding of Quran

10:24 - April 02, 2024
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IQNA – An Iranian Quranic official says artificial intelligence can be used to better communicate Quranic concepts.

Using artificial intelligence to deepen understanding of Quran


“The use of artificial intelligence in illustrating the verses of the Holy Quran opens up new possibilities as we can present images based on the themes, sequence, and Surahs, to better communicate the concepts of the Quran in an appealing way,” Hojat-ol-Islam Seyyed Mostafa Hosseini told IQNA on Monday as he visited a booth at the 31st Tehran International Quran Exhibition.

The booth, affiliated with the Supreme Quranic Council of Tehran Municipality has offered a host of AI-generated images based on Quranic verses.

“For years, as we watched Quranic films and series by our country’s renowned directors, who brought to life a selection of verses from the Holy Quran, we often wished that one day, all the verses could be similarly portrayed, but it seemed like an unreachable dream,” he said.

What the booth has offered is the realization of this dream, he said, noting that they’ve begun to use artificial intelligence technology to bring the verses of the Holy Quran to life in a “scholarly and artistic” manner. This initiative promises to deliver Quranic concepts in a multimedia format that is both engaging and enlightening, he added.

“However, this is a delicate and meticulous task. Even though we now have the technology, it requires expert handling. Not everything that artificial intelligence offers can be directly utilized and displayed,” noted the cleric.

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While some verses have profound meanings that can’t be easily visualized like the stories of the Quran, the work done so far shows that we can use this tool to gain a deeper understanding of even the most complex Quranic concepts, he said, hoping that the technology can be used to depict as many verses of the Holy Quran as possible.

The 31st edition of the Tehran International Holy Quran Exhibition officially opened on March 20.  It has been attended by representatives from 25 countries.

The Tehran International Quran Exhibition is annually organized by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance in the holy month of Ramadan. The exhibition is aimed at promoting Quranic concepts and developing Quranic activities.

It showcases the latest Quranic achievements in the country as well as a variety of products dedicated to the promotion of the Holy Book.

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The exhibition, open daily from 5:00 PM to 00:30 AM local time, will continue until April 2.

The exhibition is noted for its family-friendly environment, catering to visitors of all ages. In addition, Iftar tables have been arranged, offering a communal setting for attendees to break their fast.

The fair showcases a variety of Quranic institutions and governmental bodies, along with international participants from 26 countries. It also emphasizes the issues of Gaza and Palestine and the Quran’s role in fostering resistance.

The fair’s objective is to acquaint individuals with Quranic concepts via artistic, cultural, and theatrical mediums, with a particular focus on children and teenagers. It also includes sections dedicated to artificial intelligence, Nahj al-Balaghah, Quranic research and consultation, Quran translation, and easy Quran memorization.