A Single Egg Turned Treasure: Kashmiri Auction Raises Thousands for Mosque

9:43 - April 16, 2024
News ID: 3487959
IQNA – In an inspiring act of charity, a poor family in Kashmir donated an egg to aid in the construction of a local mosque, leading to an auction that raised over roughly 2,600 USD.


The residents of Kashmir, touched by the family’s humble contribution, initiated an auction for the egg. This event unfolded in Sopore, Indian media outlets reported on Tuesday.

The townsfolk, who were seeking donations for the construction of a mosque in Malpora village, were deeply moved when a mother and her son, living on the bare necessities, offered an egg as their contribution.

A representative of the mosque committee recalled, “We were collecting donations when a woman from a small house came to me with her head down and held an egg and asked me to accept it.”

He further explained that the woman, a widow living in a small, run-down house with her only son, was in dire financial straits.

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Touched by her gesture, the mosque committee accepted the egg and devised a plan to auction it. News of this unique auction spread throughout the village, attracting a large crowd eager to bid on the egg to support the mosque’s construction.

In a display of community spirit, the egg was bought and returned by numerous bidders, each time raising more funds for the mosque. The highest bid came from a local businessman, Danish Bhat, who purchased the egg for Rs 70,000, setting a record for the auction.

In total, the auction raised over Rs 220,000 for the mosque. A committee member confirmed the completion of the auction and the total amount raised. Remarkably, the egg was sold more than 60 times.


Source: Agencies