Campus Protests Show World People Can No More Tolerate Genocide in Gaza: Academic

10:18 - May 11, 2024
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IQNA – A Malaysian professor says the eruption of protests in universities across the world shows that people can no longer tolerate the genocide that is unfolding in Gaza.

World People Can No More Tolerate Genocide in Gaza

“The recent protests in American universities actually send a very important message to everyone all over the world: that the people no more can tolerate what is happening in Gaza, especially the bombing by Israel,” Professor Mohammad Roslan bin Mohammad Nor, who heads the Department of Islamic History and Civilization at Universiti Malaya in Malaysia, told IQNA.

“And people know that this bombing is backed up by the world superpowers, including the American government,” he said, urging Washington to “take responsibility” and “stop this bombing.”

The remarks come as more than 100 universities across the world have witnessed campus encampment protests in recent weeks. The protests, which began at Colombia University, urge academic institutions to divest from businesses that profit from the Israeli regime’s war on Gaza.

The protests have sometimes been met with police violence. American media outlets said that more than 2,500 individuals have been arrested.

The protests, according to Roslan, “send a message to the world that even academics cannot tolerate what is happening now in Gaza.”

The Israeli regime’s attacks on Gaza have killed more than 34,900 people, mostly women and children, while leaving 78,500 others injured. The regime launched the aggression after Palestinian resistance groups carried out a surprise operation against the occupied entity in response to decades of oppression, killing some 1,200 Israeli settlers and military personnel.


“I believe that the recent protests and also the encampment in American universities show the world that Israel is actually doing genocide to the people in Gaza,” the Malaysian academic said.

The protests are putting pressure on the American government, which has been a “staunch” supporter of the regime, he said.

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He also slammed the “double standards” of world powers such as the US, the UK, France, and Germany. These states claim to champion human rights, freedom of expression, and democracy, but this “is not happening in Palestine,” Roslan said. “They have been denied everything.”

He called on every country, “regardless of their religion,” to “come together” and support the people of Gaza and their “resistance against inhumanity.”


Interview by Mohsen Haddadi

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