European Cities Witness Solidarity Rallies for Palestine Amid Ongoing Israeli War on Gaza

15:02 - May 26, 2024
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IQNA – Solidarity demonstrations in support of Palestine continued across various European cities this Saturday.

European Cities Witness Solidarity Rallies for Palestine Amid Ongoing Israeli War on Gaza


In Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, a significant number of protesters marched towards the Israeli Embassy, responding to calls from numerous civil society organizations.

The crowds were heard chanting "Freedom for Palestine" among other slogans, Anadolu Agency reported on Sunday.

The demonstrators are urging for the recognition of the Israeli regime’s actions in the Gaza Strip as war crimes and are calling for the arrest of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu on charges of war crimes.

Concurrently, student-led pro-Palestine protests at the University College Dublin (UCD) in Ireland's capital marked their 15th day.

Participants assembled on a bridge near the campus, vowing to maintain their encampment on university grounds until the institution severs all ties with the occupation regime.

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In Berlin, close to 1,000 individuals convened at the Innsbrucker Platz metro station in the Schoneberg district and proceeded to march towards the Walter-Schreiber Platz metro station.

The demonstration was a protest against Israel's war on Gaza and the support provided by Germany to Israel.

The protestors urged the regime to adhere to the International Court of Justice's order to halt military offensive in Rafah. They also called for Berlin to withdraw its support for the regime.

The Israeli regime’s attacks on the Gaza Strip since October has killed nearly 36,000 Palestinians, mostly women and children. Gaza faces extensive destruction, with a severe blockade impacting access to food, clean water, and medical supplies.


Source: Agencies