Israel No Longer Hiding Its Genocidal Intentions: Palestine envoy

9:42 - May 18, 2024
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IQNA – The Israeli regime is no longer hiding its genocidal intention against the Palestinian people, the ambassador of Palestine to the UN said.

Riyad Mansour, the ambassador of Palestine to the UN


Riyad Mansour on Friday condemned Israel’s atrocities against the Palestinian people, saying the Tel Aviv regime is not hiding its true intentions, which include “displacement, subjugation or death”, any more. 

“It took 75 years for the United Nations to recognize and commemorate the Nakba, but the Nakba is not a historical event. It is a terrible reality still endured by our people, as Israel has yet to abandon its plans to push us out of history and geography,” Mansour said at a commemorative panel discussion titled “1948-2024: The Ongoing Palestinian Nakba.”

The commemoration of the “Nakba” (catastrophe), which refers to the mass displacement and dispossession of Palestinians from their lands, comes “at a time where one of the most terrible chapters of this ongoing Nakba is underway,” the envoy said, highlighting Israel’s ongoing bombing and starvation of people in the Gaza Strip.     

Palestinians commemorate May 15 as Nakba Day as the Israeli regime declared independence on May 14, 1948, occupying Palestinians’ lands after forcing them to flee their homes.

“The Israeli government no longer hides its true intentions,” he said, adding that Palestinians are facing three options: “displacement, subjugation or death.”

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Despite Israel’s denial of Palestine’s existence, rights and statehood, Mansour stressed that “there is now universal recognition of the Palestinian people, and soon it will be matched by universal recognition of our State.”

“There is a global consensus on the imperative of ending the Israeli occupation, fulfilment of our national and human rights, including the independence of our State,” he added.

The Palestinian ambassador concluded by thanking university students across the US and in all corners of the globe for “their bravery and principled position, calling for the end of the war and the disarming of the Israeli army.”


Source: Middle East Monitor