Algeria Takes Measures to Find, Collect Quran Copies with Printing Errors

10:50 - May 19, 2024
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IQNA – Officials in Algeria have launched an initiative to find and collect Quran copies that contain printing errors.

Copies of the Holy Quran


Several measures have been taken against the distribution of such copies, according to Al-Shuruq website. 

It came after the distribution of Qurans with printing errors in the province of Mostaganem north of the country.

As part of the new initiative, publishers and those involved in printing and distributing the Quran were required to sign an affidavit ensuring that no Qurans with printing errors would be distributed in the country. 

Such measures have been introduced in several other provinces as well.

The related officials in Algeria have also taken steps to prevent the entry of Quran copies with errors from other countries.

In 2017, Algeria said it had stepped up efforts to make sure that the Quran copies printed or distributed in the country contain no typos or other kinds of errors.

The country’s Awqaf Ministry introduced new guidelines for printing and publishing copies of the Quran that year.

Based on the guidelines, all the Qurans printed in Algeria should be in Warsh narrated from Naafi style (one of the ten styles of Quran recitation).

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Also, permission should be obtained from the ministry before printing Quran copies and religious books or importing them from abroad.

The ministry’s guidelines also reiterate that imported religious books should not contain any insult to Algerian society, religious figures, and culture.