Hamas, Islamic Jihad: Complete Halt of Israeli Aggression Needed for Ceasefire

8:31 - June 12, 2024
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IQNA – Palestinian resistance groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad have announcd their stance on a UN-endorsed ceasefire proposal, presenting their terms to mediators from Qatar and Egypt.

Hamas, Islamic Jihad Complete Halt of Israeli Aggression Needed for Ceasefire


The groups' joint statement emphasized a cessation of Israeli aggression and a focus on Palestinian interests in Gaza.

"A joint delegation from Hamas and Islamic Jihad delivered the response of the resistance factions this evening to the Qatari brothers during a meeting with the Qatari Prime Minister, and the response was also sent to the Egyptian brothers," read the Tuesday statement.

Sources close to the Palestinian factions revealed proposed amendments to the ceasefire offer, advocating for a definitive timeline towards a lasting ceasefire and demanding the full withdrawal of Israeli forces from the Gaza Strip.

Highlighting their priorities, the statement asserted, "The response prioritizes the interests of our Palestinian people and the necessity of completely halting the ongoing aggression against the Gaza Strip."

The Palestinian delegation expressed a willingness to engage constructively to conclude the war, stating, "The Palestinian delegation expressed its readiness to engage positively to reach an agreement that ends this war against our people, based on a sense of national responsibility."

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Qatar and Egypt have acknowledged receipt of the Palestinian response, with assurances that mediation efforts, including those involving the United States, will persist until a resolution is achieved.

The UN Security Council, with the exception of Russia who abstained, has endorsed a US-formulated truce plan for Gaza. This plan outlines a phased approach encompassing the complete withdrawal of Israeli troops, a prisoner exchange, and the reconstruction of affected areas.

Hamas, in a prior declaration, endorsed the UN resolution and signaled readiness to engage in further indirect talks to implement the agreed terms.

The White House, through spokesperson John Kirby, confirmed the receipt of Hamas's formal response to the ceasefire proposal. Kirby indicated that the US is currently assessing the response.

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The Israeli regime has a long history of non-compliance with UN ceasefire directives and the International Court of Justice's orders to cease operations in Gaza, particularly in Rafah.

Over the past eight months, Israeli attacks on the besieged Gaza Strip have resulted in the deaths of at least 37,124 Palestinians, mostly women and children.


Source: Agencies