Rafah Mosque Vandalized, Turned Into Cooking Place by Israeli Forces

10:58 - June 14, 2024
News ID: 3488740
IQNA – In the southern Gaza Strip city of Rafah, a mosque has been vandalized and repurposed as a provision center by Israeli soldiers, as revealed in a video circulated on social media.


The footage, shared by an Israeli soldier, displays the religious site being used to prepare and serve meals.

The video showcases large tables set up within the mosque, laden with various food items.

A date-marked sticker on a cardboard food box, indicating May 22 as the production date, suggests the time the video might have been recorded.

Israeli military vehicles are also visible within the vicinity of the Rafah border crossing, close to the mosque.

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The Israeli regime have continued its onslaught in Gaza since October 2023 despite the international outcry and the UN Security Council resolutions’ call for ceasefire.

The Israeli aggression has killed more than 37,000 Palestinians, mostly women and children, also inuring nearly 85,000 others.

Eight months into the ruthless war, large areas of Gaza are in ruins, with a severe blockade affecting the supply of food, clean water, and medicine.


Source: Agencies