13:36 - September 03, 2013
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A massive rally is expected to be held in Egypt today, September 3, in Egypt in protest to the military coup in which former president Mohamed Morsi was ousted.
Dubbed “A coup is the same as terrorism”, the rally is organized by the National Coalition in Support of Legitimacy in Egypt, Al-Jazeera website reported.
Aimed at protesting the military coup d'état and the arrest of Egyptian protesters in recent weeks, the rally is a follow-up to the previous demonstrations held under the titles “the Nation will lead its revolution” and “the Nation will take back its revolution”.
This is while demonstrations and protests in Egypt continue to have casualties as 6 people were killed in rallies across the country on Friday, August 30.
In other news, the EU on Monday, September 2, called on Egyptian authorities to release the country’s political prisoners.
Michael Mann, spokesman for EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton said political prisoners should be released. “if there are criminal charges brought against people these have to be made clear as soon as possible and in clear terms,” he added.
“Of course justice has to always have its course but the independence of the judiciary is a key component in an open and democratic society,” Mann underlined.
Egypt’s General Prosecutor Hesham Barakat has referred Morsi and 14 other Muslim Brotherhood members to a Cairo criminal court on charges of committing acts of violence and inciting killing and thuggery.
Morsi has been held in detention in an unknown location since his ouster. He still considers himself as Egypt’s legitimate president and refuses to cooperate with investigators.
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