11:56 - October 31, 2016
News ID: 3461295
TEHRAN (IQNA) – A French national has been remanded in custody in Senegal over charges of insulting Islam; judicial sources told AFP.

Frenchman in Senegal Insults Muslims, Holy Prophet (PBUH)

The Frenchman appeared before a judge on Thursday and has been remanded in custody and held at the main prison in Dakar, one source said.

"He had an argument with his boss, and he insulted Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), the Quran and all the Muslim community," the source added.

Another judicial source confirmed the incident, adding that the Frenchman was now being held in Dakar's main jail in Rebeuss. "His employer filed a complaint against him for breach of trust," the source said, adding that the Frenchman was accused of misappropriating money intended for an ailing colleague, Malaysian Digest News reported.

After an argument with his employer, the Frenchman sent text messages insulting Muslims, the source said. The court charged the man with several counts, including breach of trust and insulting religion.

The L'Observateur daily said on Saturday the employer's complaint referred to "the sacrilegious text messages that his employee sent," which referred to the Prophet (PBUH).

Speaking to AFP, a French diplomatic source confirmed the man's arrest, adding that it was made after the argument with the employer. "We don't have any other details. Justice will take its course," the source said.


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