Virtual Visits to Mecca, Medina, Al-Quds Mosques in Ramadan  

9:33 - April 05, 2021
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – Muslims from all over the world can pay virtual visits to the holy sites in Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem al-Quds in the holy month of Ramadan (begins next week).


Using a 3D program developed by Se-ma-for Studio, users can take an interactive tour of the Grand Mosque (Masjid al-Haram) in Mecca, the Prophet’s Mosque (Masjid al-Nabawi) in Medina, and Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem al-Quds, according to Al-Araby website.

They can also virtually visit nearby locations such as Mount Arafat, Jamaraat Bridge, Muzdalifah area and exhibitions held in the holy cities.

The program is available in seven languages: Arabic, English, Turkish, Persian, Urdu, Malay and Indonesian.

Last year, the annual Islamic pilgrimage of Hajj was closed to worshipers from outside Saudi Arabia for the first time due to the coronavirus pandemic.

To open the experience up to Muslims around the world who were unable to attend, a German company created an interactive digital Hajj experience.

Dubbed ‘Muslim 3D’, it looks like a video game, but is actually a virtual tour through Islamic lifestyle, history and rituals.



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