Millions of Muslims perform Hajj pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca every year. The Hajj is a mandatory religious duty for Muslims that must be carried out at least once in their lifetime by all adult Muslims who are physically and financially capable of undertaking the journey and supporting their family during their absence. The pilgrimage occurs from 8th to the 12th or 13th day of Dhu al-Hijjah, the last month of the Islamic lunar calendar. The Hajj includes a series of rituals such as wearing a single piece of unstitched white clothing (Ihram), circling the Kaaba seven times, walking between the hills of Safa and Marwah, heading to Mount Arafat, spending a night in Muzdalifa, and the symbolic stoning of the devil.

IQNA – Members of Iran’s Quranic convoy who held Quranic programs during the 2024 Hajj have returned home.
News ID: 3489117    Publish Date : 2024/07/13

IQNA – According to the Iranian Hajj officials, some 70% of Iranian pilgrims have returned home after completing Hajj rituals in Saudi Arabia.
News ID: 3489050    Publish Date : 2024/07/08

IQNA – The 2024 Umrah season plan has been launched by the Presidency for Religious Affairs at the Two Holy Mosques (in Mecca and Medina) after the end of this year’s Hajj season.
News ID: 3489037    Publish Date : 2024/07/08

IQNA – The committee responsible for pilgrim accommodation in Medina has announced the commencement of the application process for housing permits for Hajj 2025.
News ID: 3489023    Publish Date : 2024/07/07

IQNA – Hojat-ol-Islam Seyed Abdol Fattah Navab, the representative of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution in Hajj and Pilgrimage Affairs, and a number of other Iranian Hajj officials visited the Haramain High Speed Railway in Mecca to assess the services provided to the guests of God.
News ID: 3489017    Publish Date : 2024/07/06

IQNA – Since the conclusion of the Hajj pilgrimage late last month, more than 65,000 Iranians taking part in the spiritual journey have left Mecca.  
News ID: 3489010    Publish Date : 2024/07/06

IQNA – Some 5.1 million pilgrims and worshippers visited the Prophet’s Mosque, Islam’s second holiest place in Medina, last week.
News ID: 3489008    Publish Date : 2024/07/06

IQNA – Thailand’s Deputy Interior Minister Chada Thaiset described the country’s Hajj pilgrims as ambassadors of peace and friendship.
News ID: 3488990    Publish Date : 2024/07/04

IQNA – The number of those visiting the Prophet’s Mosque in Median, Saudi Arabia, since the beginning of the Hajj season has exceeded one million.
News ID: 3488952    Publish Date : 2024/07/01

IQNA – Climate change made worse the heatwave in Saudi Arabia blamed for the deaths of 1,300 people on the Hajj pilgrimage this month.
News ID: 3488941    Publish Date : 2024/07/01

IQNA – There are strategies that can help pilgrims protect the fruits of the spiritual journey of Hajj.
News ID: 3488936    Publish Date : 2024/06/30

IQNA – After the end of the Hajj season, during which a large number of pilgrims died due to extreme heat, Saudi Arabia says now that it is preparing to welcome Umrah pilgrims.
News ID: 3488933    Publish Date : 2024/06/30

IQNA – An official put the number of visitors to Al Rawda Al Sharifa in the Prophet’s Mosque during this year’s Hajj season at over 1.4 million pilgrims.
News ID: 3488869    Publish Date : 2024/06/24

IQNA – Saudi authorities have reported the demise of at least 1,300 individuals in the hajj pilgrimage amidst a severe heatwave, with a majority of the deceased lacking formal permit for the pilgrimage.
News ID: 3488868    Publish Date : 2024/06/24

IQNA – Pilgrims from different countries are returning home with the end of this year’s Hajj season in Saudi Arabia.
News ID: 3488857    Publish Date : 2024/06/23

IQNA – Member of Iran’s Hajj Quranic convoy, known as the Noor Convoy, met with Representative of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution in Hajj and Pilgrimage Affairs Hojat-ol-Islam Seyed Abdol Fattah Navab in Mecca.
News ID: 3488848    Publish Date : 2024/06/22

IQNA – Tunisian President Kais Saied dismissed Religious Affairs Minister Ibrahim Chaibi as dozens of the country’s pilgrims lost their lives in the Hajj pilgrimage this year.
News ID: 3488843    Publish Date : 2024/06/22

IQNA – A member of Iran’s Hajj Quranic convoy said the philosophy of Hajj is promoting unity among Muslims around the world and this is what the Iranian Quranic delegation pursues.
News ID: 3488841    Publish Date : 2024/06/22

IQNA – A ceremony was held in Mina, near Mecca, to commemorate those martyred in the Mina disaster back in 2015 and other martyrs.
News ID: 3488820    Publish Date : 2024/06/19

IQNA – A member of Iran’s Hajj Quranic convoy said the delegation demonstrates the capabilities of Iranian qaris to Muslims from other countries.
News ID: 3488819    Publish Date : 2024/06/19