10:11 - July 11, 2021
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – Saudi Arabia’s General Presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques said it has conducted maintenance and operation work for all electronic equipment in the Grand Mosque in Mecca, in preparation for this year’s Hajj season.


The presidency also said it carried out the necessary maintenance for audio devices, central clock systems, fire alarm systems, control and monitoring systems, as well as the central and CCTV systems.

The Director-General of Operation and Maintenance, Mohsen bin Abdulmohsen Al-Sulami, said that the maintenance and operation of all components of the audio system, including microphones, had been completed.

He also said they have also completed maintenance and operation of the distributed audio devices, processing equipment, transmission and audio conversion devices, amplifiers and speakers,

He said that the maintenance and operation work included ensuring the operation of the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system, their units were fully maintained, their programs checked, all their internal components were safe, all batteries were changed, and the necessary tests were performed.

He added that the central system for the entire network was checked, to ensure that all internal and external lines, phone devices, fixed and mobile cameras were operational and the system’s recording devices and screens were safe.

Al-Salami said that a specialized team supervised these works to ensure they were implemented in accordance with the technical principles they adhere to and to ensure that they are free from any defects using the latest technologies and the best international specifications, in line with the care given by the Saudi government to the Two Holy Mosques, the Kaaba and their pilgrims.

Meanwhile, the presidency’s women’s development affairs department said it has completed preparations of its development agency and its two auxiliary agencies to provide services to pilgrims to enable them to perform their rituals with ease.

Dr. Al-Anoud bint Khaled Al-Aboud, deputy president for women’s development affairs, said that the employees of the department, the auxiliary agencies, and the affiliated field and administrative departments are fully prepared and equipped, according to the development plans, programs and initiatives with the participating parties, which have effectively contributed to improving and preparing their performance to receive pilgrims.

She added that all the necessary measures have been taken into account and the highest precautionary standards and health protocols have been applied, so that female pilgrims can perform their rituals in a safe and healthy environment.

Spokesman for the Hajj Security Forces Command, Brig. Gen. Sami Al-Shuwairekh said that 20 people have been arrested on Friday for violating the regulations and instructions of Hajj, by not having a valid permit. Legal measures have been taken against them and they have been issued a SR10,000 ($2,665) fine.

Brig. Gen. Al-Shuwairekh called on all citizens and residents to abide by the instructions for this year’s pilgrimage, adding that security forces will implement regulations and legal measures against anyone who tries to reach the Grand Mosque, the central surrounding area and the holy sites (Mina, Muzdalifah, Arafat) without a permit until July 23.


Source: Arab News

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