Iran Planning 15th National ‘Mudha Mattan’ Quranic Contest

8:57 - November 06, 2021
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – According to latest statements, the 15th edition of “Mudha Mattan” national Quranic competition is set to be staged in 10 different categories.

‘Mudha Mattan’ Quranic Contest


The event is being organized by the association of Iranian mosques’ art and culture centers and the new edition has several new features; such as dedicating a special section for discovering under 7-year-old talents and creating a link between traditional Quran sessions in mosques and Quranic competitions.

Categories of the event comprise tahqiq recitation, imitation of recitations by top qaris, tarteel recitation, Quranic concepts, Adhan, memorization of entire Quran, memorization of the 30th Juz, and prayers in three age groups of under 7, 7-16, and 16-30 year olds.

The deadline for initial participation in the event has been set on December 21.

The closing ceremony of the 14th edition of the event was held on October 22 in Mashhad. Some 12,000 men and women from acorss the county had participated in the preliminary round with 87 of them making it to the final round.


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