Western States Turning Blind Eye to Wahhabi Thoughts: Cleric

11:06 - November 09, 2021
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – A Lebanese cleric deplored the expansion of Wahhabism in the West, saying that the powers are ignoring such lines of thought partly due to the relations with creators of the school.

Sayyed Fadi al-Sayyed


Speaking to IQNA, head of United Ummah Center Hojat-ol-Islam Sayyed Fadi al-Sayyed said that strengthening religious and Islamic moderation, eliminating religious sensitivities, and dealing with the grounds that prepare extremism in all madhhabs is the only path to achieve Islamic unity.

Asked about Wahhabism and Takfiri thoughts and mechanisms to counter them, the cleric said that there is a need to hold international conferences with the participation of Muslim scholars to discuss the issue. He said further research should be made on the history of Wahhabism which was founded concurrently with colonial eras.

Pointing to the history of Saudi Arabia’s ties with arrogant and colonial powers, Fadi al-Sayyed noted that these countries are turning a blind eye to Wahhabi thoughts as many of the mosques in these states are being equipped and funded by Wahhabists.

“Wahhabism has created a negative image of Islam, associating the name of Islam with massacre, 9/11, vandalizing, and bombing. All these may be completely intentional; like a person who wears someone else’s dress and makes it dirty intentionally.”

All Takfiri movements such as Daesh, al-Nusrah, Boko Haram, and other Takfiri groups in the Arab and Muslim world had one source and that is Wahhabism school, he said. 



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