Islamic Resistance Has Upper Hand in Iraq: Nujaba Spox

14:04 - November 23, 2021
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – Al-Nujaba Spokesman Nasr al-Shammari says Iraqi resistance groups has upper hand in the face of occupiers.


In a report on the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan and Iraq, the American magazine Newsweek had a short conversation with the spokesman of the al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance Movement.

In response to a question from Tom O’Connor, a senior Newsweek reporter, who asked, “Did the United States’ withdrawal from Afghanistan inspire the Iraqi Resistance and give hope that the United States will withdraw from Iraq as well?” Nasr al-Shammari noted, “The Iraqi Resistance managed to force the United States’ troops out in 2011, a decade before the Taliban’s victory in Afghanistan.”

He stressed that today, the Islamic Resistance is stronger than ever in terms of weapons and military force, saying, “Today, the Iraqi Resistance is stronger and more numerous and has the ability to confront, prolong, and insist on expelling any foreign forces from Iraqi soil.”

At the end of his interview with the American magazine Newsweek, the spokesman of al-Nujaba said, “We [the Iraqi Resistance] have our own unique and rich experience, and great cultural and ideological legacy and we respect all the experiences of free peoples.”

Last week, the Iraqi Resistance Coordination Commission issued a statement warning the United States against refusing to implement the agreement with Baghdad and withdrawing from the country before December 31, 2021, saying that if the United States does not withdraw, “the weapons of the honourable Resistance… will be ready to dismember the occupation as soon as the moment comes and the deadline ends after twelve o’clock in the evening of December 31, 2021.”

Source: Communication and Media Affairs Centre of al-‎Nujaba in Iran‎

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