US Not to Leave Iraq by End of 2021: Al-Nujaba Head

10:37 - December 10, 2021
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – Hojat-ol-Islam Akram al-Kaabi, the secretary-general of Iraq’s al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance Movement, says he does not believe the promise of US forces to leave the country by the year end.

Hojat-ol-Islam Akram al-Kaabi, the secretary-general of Iraq’s al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance Movement


During a meeting with commanders of eight Iraqi Resistance groups, Shaykh Akram al-Kaabi said he did not believe the promise of the United States to withdraw from the country by the end of this year, citing statements by American military officials. He called the call for the dissolution of the Popular Mobilization Forces based on the demand of the Arab and Hebrew reactionaries and stated that the Resistance considers its weapons as sacred and will never lay them down.

Lebanon’s al-Mayadeen satellite television channel announced and broadcast a detailed video of a meeting held between the commanders of the Iraqi Islamic Resistance groups operating against the United States and Hujjat al-Islam Akram al-Kaabi, the secretary-general of Iraq’s al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance Movement, including the Ashab al-Kahf [Companions of the Cave], Liwa al-Thayirin [Revolutionaries’ Brigade], Liwa Thar al-Muhandis [Revenge of al-Muhandis Brigade], Liwa al-Qasem [Qasem Brigades], Tashkil al-Warithin [Establishment of the Inheritors], Fasil al-Muqawamah al-Dawliyyah [International Resistance Faction], Rijal Allah [Men of God] and Saraya Thawrah al-Ishrin al-Thaniyah [Second ۱۹۲۰ Revolutionary Brigade].

In this meeting, Hujjat al-Islam al-Kaabi, while listing the examples of assassination, murder, looting, evil and sacrilege in the behaviour of the government of the United States, stated, “Fighting against the United States and its followers in the region and the world is a religious and national obligation, and the Resistance does not retreat or waive this obligation in any way. Today, the arrogant American regime has arrogant and colonial projects not only in Iraq, but everywhere, and seeks to impose its influence on the whole world.”

He reminded that Martyr al-Sadr described the United States the “global arrogance” and Imam Khomeini called the United States “the Great Satan,” adding, “Our hostility to this arrogant enemy is not based solely on its presence in Iraq. The United States is an enemy, even if it leaves Iraq, and it will never be our friend or the friend of the Iraqi people. In every part of Iraq, we have the right to seek blood against the Americans. The Americans killed our brothers, our children and our commanders. They plundered our resources, destroyed our country, and it cannot be argued in the future that if the United States leaves Iraq, it is permissible to establish relations with Washington.”


Useless negotiations and the refusal of the Americans to leave Iraq by the end of ۲۰۲۱

In another part of his speech, the secretary-general of al-Nujaba said on the suspicion that “there is no need for Resistance groups given the promise of the withdrawal of the American occupiers from Iraq” and said, “The American commanders have made it clear that they will not withdraw from Iraq by the end of this year, and this demonstrates that the occupying United States does not respect Iraqi sovereignty. Therefore, national, popular, and political positions must be taken, as well as positions taken by the brothers in the Resistance groups against these statements.”

Shaykh al-Kaabi, while emphasizing the proof of the failure and ineffectiveness of political negotiations with the occupiers, stated, “Undoubtedly, the only language that the United States understands is the language of the arsenal of the Resistance; Only gun barrels, military action and resistance on the battlefield; Americans do not understand any other language.”


Inviting the warriors to empathy toward reviving the pillar of the Arab world

In response to some positions regarding the dissolution of the Resistance groups or the surrender of the weapons of these groups, he noted, “In the Islamic Resistance, we love and respect all our brothers and sisters, even if they disagree with us in some ways. However, disagreement must not lead to the loss of friendship. We speak to them in a friendly language to explain the truth of things. The brothers must consider the details. These details may be inaccurate or unclear. We want them to be aware of some reasons and details in order to prove to them that what is being said at the moment is wrong and even creates a big problem for the country.”

The senior official of the Iraqi Resistance described the country as a pillar of the Arab world and the capital of the government of divine justice and said, “The country must be strong, regain its role in the Arab world and the Islamic world, and impose its rule, existence and power on the world. Therefore, if Iraq today has the tools and capacities that are considered strengths, it must not be weakened.”

Shaykh Akram al-Kaabi, noting that “the al-Nujaba Movement did not nominate a representative in the elections so as not to be defined in terms of action and political goals,” added, “We decided to stay alongside the people to share their problems and pain and take steps in other areas. From this origin, I say that we have taken our burial shrouds today. Each of the brothers present at this meeting, or our other brothers, is a target for the American occupiers and their mercenaries. Today, we step into the realm of sacrifice and take actions in return for which we do not expect personal achievement or even expect thanks from anyone.”


Do not include the Resistance and Popular Mobilization Forces in election policies

Emphasizing the need to protect all the religious and political reference groups as among the strengths of the Iraqi people, he said, “We wish that all the brothers present in the political process and the other brothers would avoid bringing the Resistance, the arsenal of the Resistance and the Popular Mobilization Forces into the political challenges after the elections. There are peaceful and legal solutions and other capacities that can be used to overcome the challenges. The Resistance groups and the Popular Mobilization Forces must be kept away from these contradictions and problems.”

The secretary-general of the al-Nujaba Movement continued his remarks by reminding that “the arsenal of the Resistance has given the Americans a bitter taste of defeat, calamity, damage and great collapse since ۲۰۰۳” and said, “I remember that in ۲۰۱۰ some political delegations and some officials affiliated with political movements – whose names I do not want to mention – came to me. They spoke of the American withdrawal and the end of the occupation (the first withdrawal) and said that the Americans were pressuring us to talk to you about disarming the Resistance. I strongly disagreed with that at the time. I even objected to talking about the arsenal of the Resistance.”


Disarming the Resistance means turning Iraq into a convenient snack for the United States and Israel

Shaykh al-Kaabi then addressed the supporters of the disarmament of the Resistance and added, “How do you talk about the arsenal of the Resistance today in a country that has not yet gained independence? A country that is still under American guardianship; Its economy is in the hands of the Americans; The United States controls its budget, property, oil, and even the proceeds from the sale of its oil. In such a situation, how do you propose the disarmament of the Resistance so that it becomes a convenient snack for the United States and the Zionist regime?! This is unacceptable and impossible to negotiate. Of course, there were some suggestions that our brothers enter the security apparatus; But these issues are not negotiable at all.”

Emphasizing that “the arsenal of the Resistance is not limited to weapons, missiles and such things,” he noted, “The arsenal of the Resistance is an idea that flows in the minds and minds of the warriors. This arsenal can neither be handed over nor can we talk about handing it over. The Resistance groups were the first to mobilize their limited capabilities and facilities to stop Daesh from invading Iraq. If we want to talk about the arsenal of the Resistance, it was the same weapon that most Iraqi tribes had and could be found in every Iraqi house.”

The secretary-general of al-Nujaba considered intellect, capacity and experience to be the real weapon of the Resistance and added, “During that period, the Resistance even turned cars into armour to fight against Daesh. In addition to producing weapons, the Resistance repaired and recovered the obsolete weapons found in the barracks of al-Taji and other places, and made them reusable. However, it cannot be said and it is illogical to mention all the weapons at the disposal of the Resistance.”


The weapons of the Resistance: A sacred weapon for honour

Shaykh al-Kaabi called it unacceptable to speak out against the arsenal of the Resistance and reminded, “The Resistance groups and their important weapons were the weapons that restored the stolen honour; While the majority had returned from Iraq, according to the government at the time, the government contacted the Americans when Daesh occupied some Iraqi cities. While there was an agreement to help Iraq, the Americans refused because the United States-led Daesh project was being pursued inside Iraq. They even refused to give weapons and ammunition. While selling tanks to Iraq, they did not deliver their ammunition. The Americans at that time, in open and formal consultation with the government, considered these issues to be internal problems in which the United States would not intervene! The ultimate goal was for Daesh to overthrow the political structure and system and take over Iraq.”

He described the arsenal of the Resistance as the nightmare of the occupying United States and Zionism and said, “Today, when we talk about the arsenal of the Resistance, we are actually talking about the weapon that is in the hands of people whose hearts and souls are attached to the holy city of al-Quds. This is a sacred weapon. The arsenal of the Resistance humiliated the occupiers and humbled their arrogance – both in the former occupation and in the current one. For this reason, they are trying to put an end to it and remove the Resistance by any means.”


Transferal of the arsenal of the Resistance only to its rightful owner: the Imam of the Time [Imam al-Mahdi]

The senior official of the Iraqi Resistance also stressed that “the indicator of the arsenal of the Resistance is constantly aimed at the American occupiers, the Zionists and their other Takfiri and Daesh mercenaries” and added, “It is clear where and how the arsenal of the Resistance is used. The arsenal of the Resistance is a guarantee for the Iraqi people and is in the hands of the Iraqi people. But the concerns that arise stem from concerns that have a flawed background. I really want the brothers who have some concerns to reconsider and be sure of their information. We have many details that we do not have the opportunity to discuss at the moment and we are ready to provide it to each of the brothers [if he wants].”

To end this ambiguity, Shaykh al-Kaabi stated, “Indeed, if we want to talk about the arsenal of the Resistance today, we must emphasize that the arsenal of the Resistance will remain in the hands of the warriors until its transfer to its legitimate and official owner, who is the Imam of the Time [may our souls be sacrificed for him] and there will be no words other than these.”


As long as we are breathing, we will not lay down the weapons of the Resistance

In another part of the meeting with the commanders of the anti-American resistance groups, he spoke about the idea of ​​resistance, “Our souls belong to Bayt al-Maqdis [al-Quds], and our souls long for it, and our weapons are still firmly in our fists. There is no way to retreat from the Palestinian cause. Palestine is an important issue and al-Quds is a symbol of resistance today. We have repeated these many times. Undoubtedly, today the abandonment of the arsenal of the Resistance is the first practical and real step to put Iraq in the arms of compromise and the normalization of relations; An issue that is impossible and unacceptable will not happen as long as we have a soul in us whose inhalation is ‘Ya Ali’ [Oh, Ali] and whose exhalation is ‘Ya Husayn.’ [Oh, Husayn]”


The Popular Mobilization Forces are recognized as a power in the international arena

The secretary-general of the al-Nujaba Movement dedicated the next part of his speech to the issue of the Popular Mobilization Forces, noting, “If it were not for divine grace in the establishment of this blessed organization, we would now be witnessing different events that would change not only the map of Iraq but rather the map of the region. That is, not only Iraq but even neighbouring governments would be affected. This evil and black group wanted evil not only in Iraq but rather in the whole world. A Takfiri ideology that enjoys the support of the Persian Gulf states and great American support.”

Shaykh al-Kaabi described the Popular Mobilization Forces as a world-renowned power and international armies and said, “To the best of my knowledge of this organization, none of the existing Arab armies has the ability and capacity to withstand the Popular Mobilization Forces. I am not talking here about logistical and material facilities, but about jihadi and ideological beliefs; It means the passion, action and power that the fighters and warriors of this blessed organization have.”


The dissolution of the Popular Mobilization Forces: The demand of Hebrew and Arabic reactionaries

He lamented those who criticize the Popular Mobilization Forces and ignore the problems in other government institutions, “I am aware of the monitoring committees as well as the security measures taken against the Popular Mobilization Forces and its members, which can be extended to all other government institutions as positive experiences in the field of following up, inspection and security and preventive measures; Not to attack the institution that we are proud of and the world counts on.”

The senior official of the Iraqi Resistance called for the use of real-world metrics to measure performance and asked, “What does it mean when the dissolution of the Popular Mobilization Forces is a demand of the Americans and Zionists and the desire of the Wahhabis and the compromising government of the United Arab Emirates? In other words, terrorism and those who want the destruction of Iraq see this power as the main obstacle to their projects. From this point of view, we must protect the Popular Mobilization Forces because the Popular Mobilization Forces shattered their dreams of dominating Iraq.”

Shaykh al-Kaabi referred to the flood in southern Iraq a few years ago and reminded, “Who took the burden when some Iraqi cities were flooded? Who was sent to cities and regions? However, some of the service ministries that were in charge could not do anything. It was Martyr Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis and the logistical support of the Popular Mobilization Forces who went to these areas and helped the people and solved the problems.”


The sedition of the United Nations in Iraq

He emphasized that “our strength lies in our unity and no one agrees with the civil crises or the war” and said, “Today, the actions of the United Nations in Iraq are clearly aimed at fanning the flames of civil war. This is clear from the reasons, documents, practical evidence and actions of the staff of the United Nations. Today, the basic duty of the United Nations – arguably no other duty – is to fan the flames of civil war in Iraq. This is done by inciting a person or one of the parties against others. These actions are not taken even by the ambassador of the United States.”

The secretary-general of al-Nujaba continued in this regard, “When did the United Nations bring good to Iraq and the region? This organization is a tool in the hands of the arrogant powers of the world; Forces that have nuclear weapons and have a veto. What is the United Nations? This organization is a criminal force, not the United Nations. As a result, we do not believe in so-called international inquiry and international intervention, as well as in the action of the United Nations and so on. The Iraqi people and the Iraqi forces must solve their problems through understanding, communication and the preference of the public interest over the personal interest.”


Refusal to transfer the arsenal of the Resistance, even at the cost of lives

Shaykh al-Kaabi again referred to the issue of disarmament of the Resistance and said, “The transfer of the arsenal of the Resistance will not happen, even if it costs our lives. Today, we are ready to return to the situation after ۲۰۰۳ and continue [our] resistance by working secretly until the occupiers are defeated and their noses are rubbed into the soil of Iraq, and the occupiers are humiliatingly expelled. We will not retreat or be defeated.”


The fatwa of jihad and the religious hukm (judgement) on the expulsion of the United States from Iraq

Explaining the legitimacy of the Resistance’s stance against occupation, he referred to the fatwas of many of the religious authorities (sources of emulation), especially that of Ayatollah Sayyid Kadhim al-Haeri, stating that “It is wajib (obligatory) to fight the Americans and expel them from Iraq” and added, “His fatwa states ‘wujub’ (obligation) and not ‘takhayyur’ (choice). No other fatwa has been issued in opposition to this obligatory fatwa. These fatwas are among the fatwas that are not allowed to be violated by other religious authorities because they are considered as legal hukms (judgements) and are not among the practical fatwas that a religious jurist has taken from the narrations, and as a result, he has an opinion and another religious authority has another opinion; On the contrary, all the brothers who are familiar with the jurisprudential literature know that this is a legal judgement that no other jurist can violate. As a result, today we are still with the fatwa of a religious authority that emphasizes the necessity of the struggle and expulsion of the United States from Iraq and the region, and no opinion would stop this fatwa of Ayatollah al-Haeri. Of course, I have also heard, directly and indirectly, from many other religious authorities, although they have not issued a public fatwa, that it is obligatory to fight the Americans, to wage jihad against them, and to expel them from Iraq.”


Al-Quds: The symbol of the Iraqi Resistance

In response to the suspicion that international events and geographical developments in the Islamic world have nothing to do with Iraq, the secretary-general of the al-Nujaba Movement stated, “The body of the Islamic ummah cannot really be dismembered. We believe that love for the homeland is derived from religions but that does not mean that we believe in a certain circle drawn by the Sykes-Picot Agreement or the American occupation. Accordingly, we clearly stated that we were present and active in Syria and defended the oppressed against the Takfiri groups.”

Shaykh al-Kaabi, relying on the letters, theories, statements and fatwas of the al-Sadr martyrs (the first and second), continued, “It is not possible for Iraq to be separated from the Islamic ummah. The Islamic ummah is a single body, and if one of its limbs is harmed, the other members will also suffer. The issue of Palestine and the holy city of al-Quds is also a symbol and slogan of our resistance. This belief of the Resistance groups and the flag of the Resistance groups, along with its weapons, will remain because the goals of the arsenal of the Resistance – both inside and outside Iraq – are numerous and large.”

“If we want to talk about the Palestinian issue from an ethnic point of view, Quds is undoubtedly an Arab place and all Arabs must act towards it, but unfortunately today we see that the Arabs are on the path of normalization,” he said. Ideologically, Quds is the symbol of Islam and the first qibla of a Muslim, for which every Muslim is obliged to move. In our opinion, Quds is a real part of the issue of Mahdism and it can not be separated from this issue and the issue of divine justice. It is not possible to retreat from this belief with any bait or threat; Even if they cut our throats.


We will avenge the blood of the martyrs Soleimani and Abu Mahdi

In the final part of his speech to the commanders of the anti-American Resistance groups, the senior official of the Iraqi Resistance outlined the civilian dimensions of the Iraqi Resistance in the social, cultural and service dimensions, saying, “We have already proposed a project called the ‘Development and Service Project.’ But the incumbent governments did not pay attention to it because they had other concerns! The Development and Service Project was based on the idea of ​​mobilization and using all available capacities to solve the existing problems of development and service in most Iraqi cities, modelled on the experience and excitement that occurred at the beginning of the establishment of the Popular Mobilization Forces by the people. The main idea is written in full and all the details are mentioned in it. When we were disappointed with the various administrations to help implement this project, we decided and acted with the inherent and voluntary capacities of many believers and warriors in all Iraqi cities.”

In conclusion, Shaykh al-Kaabi stated once again, “In the hope of God, we will avenge the blood of all the martyrs, especially Haj Qasem Soleimani and Haj Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis. Our revenge will be doubled and the enemies will regret what they did. These are crowns on us and a great honour for Iraq. God-willing, God will record the history of this great battle and it will all be protected in the extent of your actions and those of the other brothers who are with you and those who were not present at this meeting.”

It is worth mentioning that the above meeting took place at an unannounced time and place with the presence of military commanders of eight Resistance groups operating against the United States in Iraq, including Ashab al-Kahf, Liwa al-Thayirin, Liwa Thar al-Muhandis, Liwa al-Qasem, Tashkil al-Warithin, Fasil al-Muqawamah al-Dawliyyah, Rijal Allah and Saraya Thawrah al-Ishrin al-Thaniyah. These groups have declared their existence after the United States’ terrorist operation against the commanders of the Resistance (Martyrs Soleimani and al-Muhandis) with the aim of avenging their blood and expelling the United States from Iraq and have organized several operations against the interests of the occupying enemy.


Source: Communication and Media Affairs Centre of al-‎Nujaba in Iran‎