11:07 - November 30, 2021
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – A Sunni scholar says there is a need to adopt international laws on banning divisive measures among followers of different Islamic Madhhabs.

Sheikh Ghazi Hanina, head of the Assembly of Lebanese Muslim Scholars


“Today we see in the West that racism has been banned internationally and individuals who violate the norms are being punished. However, we still have adopted no measure at the level of OIC or Arab Union or other scholarly councils that exist in many Islamic and Arab countries for announcing any action that could provoke killing of a Muslim as Haram,” Sheikh Ghazi Hanina, head of the Assembly of Lebanese Muslim Scholars, told IQNA in an interview.

He lamented that some media outlets have been turned into tools for sowing discord among Islamic Madhhabs instead of raising knowledge and providing guidance.

Some satellite channels’ promotion of Takfirism and division among Muslims has led to the killing of Muslims in countries such as Afghanistan, Syria, and Yemen, he said.

Talking about the need for unity in the Muslim Ummah, Hanina added that “One of the reasons for the power of Islam is the unity among members of the Islamic Ummah; therefore, unity is a fundamental guarantee of the Ummah’s power and stability.”

The source of this unity, he added, is the belief in God, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and the Quran.

Referring to the challenges ahead of achieving unity among Muslim nations, the scholar named jurisprudential differences as one of the most dangerous areas.

These differences have been a source of discussions since early Islam, he said, adding that the issues should be studied by scholars at Islamic research centers, not by the public.



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