10:54 - December 06, 2021
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – The grand Jaafarite Mufti of Lebanon underlined the important role of resistance in realization of national unity and resolving problems in the Arab country.

Sheikh Ahmad Qabalan


In a statement, Sheikh Ahmad Qabalan referred to the critical conditions in Lebanon and said there is a need to begin efforts to save the homeland, Al-Ahed News reported.

He referred to the numerous internal and external problems and obstacles on the path and said saving Lebanon requires political efforts and financial reforms.

The cleric said the first step in this regard is trying to save the government and preventing its collapse.

There needs to be sincere efforts without restoring to propaganda and making a fuss, he said.

“It is us who will build our destiny not countries that help us (to reach their) political goals,” Qabalan added.

He further stressed that resistance and political unity is necessary to protect Lebanon and peace and coexistence in the country.

Lebanon’s government has been in paralysis since a row started during a cabinet meeting over changing the judge leading an investigation into a fatal explosion at Beirut port in August last year.

The cabinet has not convened since then. The cabinet's main focus was on a revival of talks with the International Monetary Fund, needed to unblock foreign aid to the country.

The World Bank estimates it may take Lebanon nearly two decades to recover its pre-crisis per capita GDP.

In the meantime, government subsidies have been cut back on almost all items, including essential commodities such as petrol, diesel fuel and cooking gas, plus medicine.




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