Yemeni Customs Destroy Globes Carrying Name of Israel

8:53 - December 13, 2021
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – The Customs office of Yemen’s Sana'a has destroyed a shipment of globes that had recorded Israel as a separate country on the map.


Khaled Ali Ahmed Al-Sururi, head of Sana’a customs department, said the shipment came from Aden Port and was seized in mid-October, Almasirah reported.

Destroying this cargo was an obvious measure that was compatible with Yemen’s society, values, and religion.

The Zionist regime’s efforts to represent itself as a country and mislead the world are doomed to failure, he said.

“Israel is a usurper regime that has occupied Palestinian lands with the help of the US,” added the official.

He also said a shipment of women’s shoes was also destroyed as the name of the origin country was written in Hebrew.

The official lauded the efforts made by customs officials and their vigilance in controlling such data-x-items and preventing their entry.

Yemen’s Ansarullah has repeatedly voiced its support for the Palestinian cause and its strong opposition to the occupiers.



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